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$100,000 is just a down payment …my guess the cost these days will be Many times the $100,000


Far from enough • that would be $ for the foundation work

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Wow I’m shocked, I got a quote a year ago for a 6 stall for 45k, and 5 years ago got a quote for a covered arena for 50k. I know a woman who put in a 100x200 metal truss with sprinkler upgrade for 110k 5 years ago. Have prices really risen that quick?

For an idea of the market: Earlier this spring we put up a new outbuilding – 24x32, one overhead door, one man door, basic stone floor. No concrete work, no electricity, no plumbing. It was on a site that had already been cleared and graded, and this wasn’t a top-of-the-line pole building, in terms of steel thickness. Midwest location. It did include demo of the prior structure, which was 1.5 days of work. $30k all in.


A 5 stall barn plus indoor around here was over $300k for the shell alone (forget footing, finishes, permits, etc.) around 7ish years ago (I called a builder working on such a project to ask). Materials are currently skyrocketing in price.

Depends on your climate what I’d do and what I’d prioritize. How important is an indoor to you?

$50k for a covered five years ago? Sounds low even for then. What size?

Cost aside:
It really depends on your location for your two choices given.

In Ohio, where I grew up, I’d say the indoor/barn combo and no outdoor, because I used the indoor 3/4 of the year. Cold, ice, and snow in fall and winter, not to mention dark at 4pm, knee deep mud and wet (that will ruin an outdoor’s base if ridden on) all spring, and giant B-52 bomber horse flies all summer that literally attack horse and rider at any gait slower than a canter (and even sometimes then), I almost always rode inside.

In Florida, I’ve been doing just fine with only an outdoor grass riding space for almost five years. Some people will say you must have a covered for the sun and heat, but they’re really not that common. I wear sunshirts and sunvisors in the sun and try to ride after 7p as much as possible. So somewhere like here I’d say the barn and an outdoor.

I got a qyote for 70k for a two stall shedrow witg 12’ overhang and 12x24 feed/tack. So yeah, you wont get much for 100k. But it’s a good starting place for a barn and outdoor.


Good to know.
I should mention that I will most likely have free to very low cost leveling done (family friend) and gravel is always exceptionally cheap around here.

I’m in Virginia; we can ride in the winter usually, but sometimes no. This past winter I had a month straight there was snow on the ground.
It was 140x70. Not huge, but big enough to do something in the winter.

My original plan was to have a outdoor grass arena along with the indoor. The property is extremely level so I really just need to mow the spot and it’s done.

I guess I’ll have to get some more recent price quotes. There is a 30x80 barn on the property already but it’s old, has no water in it, and I was hoping to use for tractor storage. But if push comes to shove I could spend the entirety on the arena and live with the barn I have until I get the money to build the barn/prices drop

Holy cow. For that cost I’ll quit my day job and build the barn myself.

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Yeah ridiculous. Another builder said $54k for the building, so there is some flex in costs but still very high. I had anticipated maybe $30k total with nice stall fronts/dividers and a finished tack room. Boy was I wrong.

I just got notification from my insurance company. They want to raise the limit on my policy from 200K to 400K for my 6 stall barn with indoor arena due to rising construction costs. So I don’t think 100K will get you where you want to be.


Don’t forget all the other costs involved, like a well, septic (if required), zoning permits (if required), plumbing, electric, site prep, concrete pad, those alone can run you $$$, don’t forget stall mats, fans, etc.

Seven years ago we built a 4 stall barn, tack room and hay storage, stalls, a nicely finished out tack room and feed room/hay storage; in all it was a good $65,000+.

If you don’t have 5 horses, then consider a 4 or 5 stall barn and not 6 stalls. Consider an outdoor wash rack, that will save money. It’s not likely you will get an indoor for $100,000, so build the barn and an outdoor with good footing.

I am in NY so I would make sure to have an indoor and that 100K would be a nice start towards that. Certainly not enough to actually build even a basic small indoor, but a start.

If you do not need an indoor to ride most of the time then use the money to build a nice all weather footing outdoor and the small amount you have left over you can put towards your horse barn.

Site prep will likely be free or gas money. I already have a well, so there’s that.
An outdoor wash stall won’t fly here. But I can do the majority of the interior work myself, building the walls, putting in the stalls, etc.

Well I guess I’ll start getting quotes on barns. I won’t be starting building until at least September as the field is still under contract to be hayed one or possibly two more times. I’m still really surprised that the prices you guys are saying are so high, since I got that one quote only a year ago… maybe it’s because of lumber prices.

Maybe it is area specific. I would have told you it was going to be around 100K to build an indoor if you asked before the lumber prices went thru the roof. That is the base number people around my part of the world toss out for a smaller, nothing fancy indoor.

Lumber and steel are up.

Labor too. Huge demand so the service providers are increasing prices too.