Please help a non-eventer out

Endurance rider here- last time I did anything remotely related to eventing was over 20 years ago…

I also don’t formally teach lessons any more except for my niece and she did her first show the other weekend and was hooked. She is fascinated by eventing (seriously it couldn’t have been endurance or ride and tie lol???). Anyway, there’s a combined test (schooling show) at a local, kid friendly barn that offers poles/ leadline B as a division. I asked the farm but haven’t heard back yet so thought I’d ask COTH :slight_smile: I’ve searched leadline B test and I get a bunch of different tests that seem to vary by the show that is offering them. Is there a specific test? Also will she need a safety vest for a combined test?

ifff I had to guess, and is a total guess, the dressage test will be usdf intro B. Vests are optional for stadium (per USEA) but being unrated and the nature of leadline/poles (aka the small humans that tend to do it), they may require vests, but unlikely. Maybe there’s someone local on here who might know the show and be able to answer your questions?

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There isn’t a standard one the way there is for other tests, but probably this one. Vests aren’t required. Which CT are you going to?

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I don’t think it’s Intro B because it says Leadline B or USDF Intro A and when I search leadline B test it does actually seem to be a thing (here’s one for example )

It’s at Rolling Hills in Port Deposit, MD if anyone has any insight

Rolling Hills

I take lessons there and texted to ask-- she said she thought it was the one I linked above.


Awesome thank you! And small world- I took some lessons with Ellie this past winter

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