please help - horse guard fencing questions

We want to do wooden posts with horse guard. I was wondering:

  1. If we get the posts set, is it difficult to install the tape tightly ourselves
  2. We were interested in putting 4-5 strands so that the lower ones are closer to the ground to keep big dogs out of the fields. Anyone have good luck using it to keep dogs out.
  3. How far apart did you put the posts?
    Thanks fellow HG friends:)

Very easy to install the tape and tension it yourselves.

I’ve only ever done it with 3 strands and no dogs, so not sure about that part.

I know on their site they suggest 16’ spacing, depending on wind conditions. When we (likely) go to install it at our new place, planning to do 10’ spacing since we can have some high wind conditions here (Florida).

Good luck!

I have this kind of fence up, some since 2001, easy to install on wood posts and tighten.

We have 3 strands and kept our spacing at 10ft between posts. Key to keeping fence tight and strong in wind and ice and snow is close post hole spacing and making sure to tighten fence occasionally as needed (located in northeast PA).

Because of snow, we kept our bottom strand well off the ground. If you do have deep snow and lower strands, I would jumper electric to them so can disconnect if they get covered with snow.

It does not work on big hairy dogs, especially when they just fly right through it.

It is a piece of cake to tighten. The whole thing is easy. One thing to consider about putting the bottom strand low is that tall wet grass may short it out.

It is very easy to put up and tension. My partner did the posts and then I did all the tape and insulators by myself. I did three strands, and post spacing of 10 feet. We are in a very windy area and that has worked well. Multiple strands might keep dogs out, but as others have mentioned, having it low will mean dealing with grass or snow shorting it out.

ok, so stupid question. If I out the lower strand low and it does short out, willit short out the entire fence or just the lowest strand?

Yes, if the strands are all connected and the lowest is shorted, the whole thing is shorted. Someone suggested hooking up the lower strands so that they can be disconnected with a switch from the upper strands. Then, if you have conditions that might short the lower strands, you can just turn them off until the condition is corrected (snow, tall grass, etc.). Not hard to do.

I’ve had this fence up on wood posts for over 10 years. It’s very easy to install and tighten. I have my posts set 16’ apart, per Horseguard’s recommendation. I also have only three strands. In the past, I have had to shovel snow away from my bottom strand because it will short out the fence and/or weaken it. I also have some problems with the grounding in the winter when the ground freezes. When I upgrade in the future, I may try their new bi-polar tape.

All that being said, I’ve been extremely happy with this fence overall and I’ve found it to be very easy to install, change, or repair. I’m not sure it would keep dogs out though. My fence charger pulses so it’s kind of the luck of the draw if dogs actually get zapped. My dog has been zapped twice but he doesn’t seem to remember or associate it with the fence. If you want to keep dogs out, you might need to put something else around the bottom.