Please Help!! Looking for a H/J Barn on Maryland's Eastern Shore

So I’m moving to upper Caroline County and have found a place down the street to board my horse but I’m looking for someone to train with. Willing to travel within an hour and a half. I have a greenie and am looking to purchase another 3’6"horse down the road. I haven’t ridden in a couple months so I’m looking for a trainer to help me “get my grove back” and do a few local shows then back to rated shows in the spring. Any suggestions are appreciated, Thanks!

Country Comfort is down in St. Michaels - - It would be a bit of a drive from the north end of Caroline County, but they’ve been around for a long, long time.

Scanning some other posts, people have mentioned Snapdragon Stables in Queen Anne, which would be a bit closer:

You might also check the Equiery’s list of lesson and boarding barns:

I’m sure there are others, but I’m completely out of the competitive loop these days.

Thanks so much! It’s really hard to find a barn that’s actually show A rated instead of just schooling and C in this area

Hidden Meadow Farm in Salisbury MD does the local circuit all the way through AA rated. Ginny Morris is the trainer and is great to work with.

Highly recommend Jamie at Snapdragon Stables!

Where is that located and do they have a website? Thanks!

Contact Katerina Graham, Stengaarden Farm, lovely facility with very nice jumps! She is on Facebook.

Does anybody know anything about Hilary Gibbons-Neff?

I’m a local resident, and replied backchannel. I’d be happy to answer any other questions about the local Eastern Shore horse industry.

I’ve seen Hilary’s posts on FB and have a lot of mutual friends, you could look her up, or contact her on FB - I have not heard anything negative about her at all.

I’m watching this thread with much interest! I just moved to the area and, while I’m currently horseless, I’d life nothing more than to find somewhere to get into a solid lesson program. :slight_smile: