Please take this survey about equine welfare in competition

In response to the recent social media firestorm over video footage taken at the QH Congress, we developed this survey to ask exhibitors and spectators across the major breeds and disciplines what they are seeing, and if they think there are issues, what they think would help, and what they personally would be willing to do. Please take the survey, and share it with others - you can choose to participate anonymously. The more data we collect, the more useful it will be. There is strength in numbers!

Thank you!

Bumping up for those who may not have seen this over the weekend.

done and posted on FB. Thanks!


Done, although it really didn’t apply to me, as I show Miniatures…and yeah, I’ve seen some shady stuff going on there…



Done. A few orgs I belong(ed) to were left out but over all it seemed good.

We’re nearing a critical mass of responses! If you haven’t already chimed in (and THANK YOU to those who have), let your voice be heard, and please share the survey with your horse friends.

The more data we collect, the more useful it will be. There is strength in numbers! [/QUOTE]

What exactly will be done with the results to make it “useful”?

I’m asking because I am beyond burnt out by people who do surveys, start petitions, etc., and just think that the act of collecting data or signatures in and of itself is enough.

It’s a start, sure, but something has to happen after. So what is the next step after you collect all the data?

Halt Near X, we will be sharing the data with the breed and discipline organizations listed in the survey. We will also be publishing the data so that anyone who has an interest can access it and use it.

In the current environment of associations trying to figure out how they can boost membership numbers, registrations and competition entries, this data should be compelling, as the responses clearly demonstrate many survey participants have “voted with their wallets” in response to their concerns about equine welfare.

Thanks - I appreciate the response and that you are actually sending it off to the orgs!