Please tell me where to shop for a horse

I’ve been horse shopping for a year now, unsuccessfully. I scan dreamhorse, warmblood-sales, sporthorse-nation, several Facebook groups, H4YC, and I keep in contact with a few barns/trainers that seem to get sale horses. Any other ideas about where I might find a young, started smaller horse that can event and is fancy enough for straight dressage? The budget is not an issue here.

If budget isnt an issue I can’t see why it would be hard. If you want smaller and fancy, what about a German Riding Pony or a Connemara or Welsh cross?


It’s a very hot market. High demand that appears to be outpacing supply. I swear it’s like the housing market. In the last 6 weeks, I’ve made offers on 3 horses but I was less than 24 hours late of the seller accepting another offer. Yesterday, I had an offer accepted in the morning and then in the afternoon I was told that the seller changed her mind because she received another offer. That horse had been on the market 2 days.

HI, have you tried Caroline Martin or Justine Dutton? Justine gets a lot of fancy connies that are smaller. Good luck!

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Are you working with a trainer? Are you “in” with your local groups? I know you said budget isn’t an issue but nice horses on a friendly budget seem to be found mouth to mouth right now. The market is just crazy right now.


Courtney Cooper helped me import a really lovely, smaller event mare that I’ve also shown through third level. She’s super easy to work with and really listens to what you want.


Yes, dressage and jumping trainers are helping me hunt. At this point, my friends and even my vet & farrier have reached out to their connections.

If your screen name is accurate, you’re in Ohio. I’ve gotten some wonderful horses in Canada over the years. Might be complicated with Covid though.


There are some very nice ones in Argentina that barn mates of mine have imported for both eventing and dressage.

Jessica Pheonix has a bunch of nice young dressage/event horses for sale. I think the Slezaks too also, they are in Florida, Jessie is in Ontario.


Richard and Daisy Trayford, Exmoor Eventing based in NY and FL. Both sell and breed. I knew them slightly when they were still in the UK, hunting on Exmoor.

Get hold of Heidi Knipe. She is a dressage rider and agent in FL who used to event and found me a fantastic already imported Argentine WB mare who is perfect for me. She’s also not pushy, nice to deal with and very straightforward. PM if you want her number.

Libby Head is in middle-west Georgia and has some for sale. Check out her Facebook page.

Rebecca Barber in Virginia (Jubilee Equestrian on Facebook) has several for sale right now that fit what you describe, including a couple very nice Connemara cross imports. She’s great to work with, very professional and expert at matching the right horse to the right person.

There is an adorable 15.1 hand Connemara on Hunter, Jumper, Equitation Unicorns on Facebook. He was imported from England and did Pony Club/eventing there.