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Please Thank NBC & Olympic Channel for the WEG Coverage!

If you want to take a second to email NBC and the Olympic Channel to let them know there were actually people watching WEG for equestrian coverage, here you go:




Yes, there were a ton of ads at the beginning, but I’m still laughing about the OxyClean ads. #stabledirt #demographic

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Yes, that one should have hit the sweet spot for many viewers. :lol:

The one with the Saddlebreds?

PS - I never found OxyClean to help in my laundry at all.

I never saw what times it was on NBC, was it on during regular hours (i.e. not midnight etc.) but I did get to watch some of it on the Olympic channel.

They had live coverage of the second round of individual jumping (top 12) yesterday at 12:30ish! Luckily my mom turned on NBC to watch football and let me know that it was on!

The t.v. coverage was great. Most of it was on the Olympic channel, and some was on NBCSN. I will send them an email thanking them.

I emailed! How do we thank the Olympic Channel as well I wonder? They also had a TON of coverage. Hours and hours of it.

I found this:


I came across that too, almost by accident, on the regular NBC channel. Fabulous!
They also showed a couple hours of the XC the day after it ran … maybe they had that block of time saved for the eventing show jumping that was postponed due to weather? in any event, I was grateful to be able to see some great XC rides.

Who were the commentators for the top 12 individual show jumping?
They kept harping about this being the first time a female has ever won WEG show jumping
How could they have not known about Gail Greenough and the great Mr. T who won in 1986???

I think that’s exactly what happened with the replay of the cross country after the schedule change. I was pleasantly surprised that they decided to show the replay instead of throwing in some completely different sport to fill the gap. Table tennis, or what have you.

Melanie Smith Taylor (Olympic gold medalist in 1984) was doing the commentary on the show jumping, as well as the other disciplines on the NBC broadcast. I’m sure she knows about Gail Greenough winning in 1986. But that was before they came up with the WEG title for this event, with all the disciplines in one setting. So technically, the first female WEG winner was on Sunday.

I believe the Olympic Channel is part of the NBC television network.

Thanking NBC should cover NBC, NBCSN and the Olympic Channel :slight_smile:

Yes, great to see live coverage on the Olympic Channel. I thought the quality of the broadcast was more than acceptable.

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