PLEASE volunteer for the MDHT this weekend if you can, they are perilously short

I have never volunteered at LMF because it is nowhere close to me, but it is nice to see a venue giving back to their volunteers by offering passes, swag, and discounts. I would have assumed it went without saying these passes couldn’t be sold or distributed… it is a reward for that volunteer.

That is head and shoulders above just about any venue I have ever volunteered at - where you will get water and possibly lunch, but nothing else. I did volunteer a few times at Full Gallop when I lived in Aiken, and was happily surprised to learn I earned a few XC schooling passes. I never got anything like that volunteering at venues in Area 1.

That being said, as much as I love to volunteer, you will not catch me doing a full day affair. I wonder if that’s what ate away the available pool of volunteers. I have way too many other responsibilities to do after a full day like that, like feed and take care of the animals - and for most of us, we’re attending on our only day off or taking time off to do it… it’s not easy. I do understand it can be a nightmare organizing the logistics of every volunteer but that is how you make a show run and volunteers return.

@Dr_Doolittle, I only got the first policy change by email. I don’t think there was a second email sent out with the revised policies. I looked on the LMF FB page out of curiosity before I posted all that but didn’t see either policies announced on there so I don’t know when it changed back. I do remember hearing there was some push-back though, and they have put out a whole lot of “desperate for volunteers” calls this year. I’m glad they went back to 6-month expirations on the schooling passes because if you or your horse are hurt or busy, 90 days can be tight.

Yeah, that’s the tough part for me too. I’m also on call for work and if I have to turn that down because I’m volunteering, I’m inconveniencing my coworkers and missing out on hundreds of dollars of income. Half days would be much more doable but I understand it adds to the coordination nightmare. I try to do what I can, and the Twilight (Wed afternoon) events at LMF are good ones but everyone wants them so they fill up well in advance.

Yeah, and I assumed that if there were restrictions on how I could use the pass, they’d be clearly stated when the pass was given to me, like the expiration dates are.

Everywhere I’ve volunteered in Area II, you get lunch and snacks, and everywhere except one of the smaller venues I’ve gotten a XC pass. But I almost always volunteer a full day. And while LM treats their volunteers well, they often have super long days.

The lovely people at Seneca have recommended that I give my volunteer schooling pass to a friend when I have declined a pass due to not having a rideable horse. I’ve never sold one (and usually decline anyway) but IME rehoming them is not actively discouraged.

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I totally agree - I work full time during the week, and only have two days (the weekends) to catch up on chores. To give up a full day is really not an option for me. A half-day or 6 hour shift would be much more doable.

That being said, I’ve been wondering if there has ever been a concerted effort to encourage cross-disciplinary volunteering. I never volunteer at dressage shows because I’m competing at them and my horse is a bit needy if stabling and can’t be left alone at the trailer if trailering (and distance prohibits driving home to drop off the pony then driving back). But I don’t event, so would more likely to spend 6 hours (not including commute) on a Saturday or Sunday to go volunteer at those events since they generally don’t overlap (at least they don’t at LMF and Morven). Then maybe the eventers could volunteer on dressage weekends? Just a thought.

I’m assuming the event in question runs as a 1 day, which is uncommon here on the west coast (where almost all recognized events run over 3 days). I can see how this would make volunteering while competing too difficult. But to only offer full day shifts is still so limiting. I recently competed as a large event (run over 3 days) and I volunteered a half day 2 out of 3 days (would have done the third by had to leave immediately after my morning ride for a 4 hour drive for work). I emailed the coordinator early, told them what I was willing/able to do and the division I was in and we worked it out. I’ve done the same at other venues. This venue offers $30 coupon for 1/2 days and $60 for full days (plus food and drinks) and you can use the coupons for show or schooling fees, but only the volunteer (or their family member) can use them and they expire in 1 year. Previous venues I’ve volunteered at have offered similar benefits. As others have mentioned, even when I am not riding, I will sometimes only volunteer a half day because giving up an entire weekend day is just not feasible.

The event in question runs over multiple days, but each section is complete in one day. This is true for both their recognized and unrecognized horse trials.

In spite of the statement that they only accept full days, I know that some positions (e.g. dressage scribe) are sometimes done a 2 half day shifts, but that is not their preference.

That is harder to do for cross country, because everyone has to attend the jump judges briefing.


If I had received the first letter, I would not have volunteered. It was a curt and admonishing tone. No wonder they had push back.

When I volunteer for a recognized, we get food water and a t-shirt but that’s it. If you do physical work getting ready for a recognized they give you $10 an hour voucher for CC or a schooling show,