PLEASE volunteer for the MDHT this weekend if you can, they are perilously short

This was my plea on FB:

Okay, folks…EVERYONE in Area 2 knows how much Carolyn and Co. do for our sport, how incredibly generous they are to competitors and volunteers, how hard they work to make Loch Moy the BEST venue (a destination venue for eventers all over the East Coast), and they need and deserve! our help this weekend - time to give back.

I am competing or I would be volunteering; at their last starter I covered 4 jumps for 4 different levels - I was happy to do it, and would do it again if I were able. PLEASE spread the word, or volunteer if you can. Think of all the times you enjoyed yourself and had a great experience there, and how grateful you were to have such a fantastic place to compete.

PLEASE help!!! ![:heart:


Can’t see your post but I saw it on Instagram. I signed up to JJ on Saturday but am a bit nervous about it because I am getting vaccines tomorrow. Hopefully just a sore arm and I will be ok. Best of luck to you!


I would also post in any Maryland Equestrian pages on Facebook.

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This is why I got out of volunteering for events after having done it for years. Good for you that you are volunteering and competing but there are far few too many eventers that never volunteer.

It seems to have worked. They now have enough XC volunteers for Sat. Not sure about Sunday, or Show Jumping.

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It all worked out and the event went on apparently smoothly (from my competitor’s eye). It was a tough weekend for volunteering being Halloween, foxhunting has started and there are at least 3 packs in relative close proximity to Loch Moy, and the VA horse trials were also going on. I hope she’s not overloading her volunteer pool with so many events. it’s a fantastic facility and always a pleasure to compete and volunteer there.

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It did work out but it was in part because we multi tasked. I judged three jumps in the Novice division for example.


I think she’d get a few more people if she offered a half day or 6 hour version. A full day at Loch Moy is a very long day, plus it’s an hour from my house. I live alone and can’t leave my dogs home that long, and I also have horses to feed. I have volunteered there in the past but not since I got a new puppy.


I agree that a half day option would be nice, as LM can go quite long, but I imagine it makes organizing and scheduling the volunteers even more difficult. However, I have jump judged at LM multiple times where 1-2 of the jump judges left early (usually works okay since the lower levels go later and have fewer fences), so may be something they don’t like to do routinely but that you could ask about?

I rode in the October starter that was the same weekend as Morven and they had trouble finding volunteers for that one, too. I don’t think they have had any more events than usual this year, but they did seem to have more trouble getting volunteers - I don’t know if they just didn’t do a good job picking dates considering conflicts with other events or if there is some other reason.

Back in the spring LMF announced a new policy that cut volunteer perks, specifically XC schooling passes. I don’t recall getting an email reinstating the old policy but when I volunteered in July I did get a pass. I’ve also seen FB messages offering passes for volunteering. I wonder if some people didn’t realize they’re giving out passes etc again, or felt unappreciated in the spring and checked out?

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I volunteered twice this year, once at the 3 star and last week and didn’t get any passes. I wouldn’t use them if I did so doesn’t really matter, it’s too far for me to go school. I do it to give back to the sport and Loch Moy is my favorite venue so I try to get there a couple times per year if possible.

Huh, I wonder why the inconsistency.

Maybe you have to ask? Not sure. I did get a shirt in July and lunch this time. It’s all good.

I have never not received a schooling pass for volunteering - along with a shirt AND lunch, snacks, drinks, and often a cocktail! Of course I’ve been doing this a long time and am a regular there :wink:

Carolyn is incredibly generous to and appreciative of her volunteers. She generally drives around from jump judge to jump judge and delivers the passes in person, along with the occasional adult beverage. :heart:

The last time I volunteered (in October), they gave you a few options: a schooling pass for the competition course, a “voucher“ towards entry fees - worth $60 (I used it when I competed at their most recent Starter), or a discount on a Cross Derby entry.

I think this is a great idea, and gives people different opportunities to use their “volunteer credit.” The one thing I wish they would do is have a more liberal expiration date for these passes! If you had a full year to use it, I think more people would be able and willing to volunteer since that would give them flexibility. You can always sell it; if someone wants to school on the competition course for example, you could offer to sell them a pass for $60 since that is worth $75 (IIRC.)

I try to volunteer there as often as I can, even though it’s an hour away for me as well! We got a puppy in March, and between my work obligations on Saturday and trying to compete/school on Sundays, it was tough to find the time this year. We brought the puppy and our other dog when we volunteered there last month, but then again my husband was along to help wrangle the dogs - who were luckily perfectly behaved.


Actually you can’t sell them anymore. That is a big part of her new policy. Apparently she didn’t know people were selling them and got upset about it? But you know, sometimes your horse goes lame and you have a pass you can’t use. This year when I’ve volunteered, she has always written my name on the pass instead of just giving a blank one. I think you can pass them on to a family member, but that’s all.

That’s a good point. She did get a lot of pushback on the original changes and did end up dropping some of them, but I’m not sure the final policy was communicated as well. It is pretty up to date on the eventing volunteers website.

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Hmm, interesting.

I didn’t realize that there were restrictions on selling the pass? Or that there was a time when there were not passes offered for volunteering!? That’s surprising to me. The only time (season) I haven’t volunteered was last spring (since we had the new puppy), so was unaware of any changes.

What I do know is that Carolyn works tirelessly on improvements, on pleasing the “customer”, and on retaining volunteers. There are no competitions without volunteers.

I will continue to volunteer there when I am able, regardless of the “perks.”


@Dr_Doolittle, this is the email I received on Jan 1, 2021, regarding changes to the volunteer policy:

I think there was some negative feedback because this is pretty different than the current policy, available here:

Wow, that is a radical change! I don’t remember getting the (first) email at the beginning of the year, but I have seen the second one - which is appropriate, and what I’m used to.


I’m not surprised she got push back for that! How many months into 2021 was the second email sent? I’m a bit surprised that there was so much sharing of passes to the point that it became an “issue” - I’ve never shared or sold a pass, but have thought about it, not realizing that was against the rules. I wonder if that is a common rule with other HTs?

That’s way too much to ask. I enjoy scribing even though I no longer compete. I drive an hour each way to the shows I volunteer to help, and I only work a half day. I get watered and fed in return lol… That way I also get to enjoy the day and chit chat.

I don’t need 90 bucks worth of “coupons” enough to give someone what could be a 10 hour plus day.

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I’ve sold schooling passes from volunteering at other events like Morven and Seneca before. I don’t think they encourage it, but I don’t think they explicitly forbid it.