Plugging a Leaking Tire

My tractor tire has a tiny hole on the inside wall - NO idea how I did that! - since it’s a holiday weekend, I can’t take it in until Tuesday, and I’d like to mow sooner than that.
Long story short, a friend suggested I buy a $7 plug kit and try to fix it myself. I did just that yesterday and let the tractor sit overnight. It’s still holding air today, and I’m about to see if it works and holds firm while I’m mowing.
Wish me luck!


Fingers crossed!

Mow on!

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Good luck! Some tractor tires apparently can’t hold those plugs, as I learned the hard way two years ago. I forget the reason the shop said. Of course my New Holland uses stupid tires.

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Plugs or Slime, something will work to get you going for a bit longer.

Once we traded our tires on the pickup.
One front tire alone had 111 plugs in it, the mechanic counted them.
What can we say, we have so many mesquite trees of all sizes, can’t avoid them all. :innocent:


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Holy heck Bluey - that’s insane! I dated a mechanic for a number of years and I won’t use the slime stuff. He and other mechanics HATED the stuff. I’m proud and pleased to say (so far) the plug is holding and I was able to run the tractor for almost five hours yesterday with NO problems!
The kit and the repair was soooooo easy.