Plymouth Bridles by Smartpak

I’m looking at purchasing the Plymouth Elite Hunter Bridle and matching martingale by Smartpak.

Anybody who has this bridle or martingale, could you give me an overall review? Is it a great product for the price? How does it hold up? Does it break in easily? etc.

I was also looking at the Plymouth Padded Fancy Stitch Bridle since it doesn’t have a mono crown that way I could get a nameplate for it.

Any suggestions? I know it’s kind of impossible to have a nameplate on a mono crown but I do want some kind of identification on the bridle.

Anybody have the laser engraving on their bridles?

I don’t own a Plymouth bridle, but I’ve heard great things about them! The padded fancy stitch looks very nice for its price ($80?)! I love nameplates and embroidery/monograms so I would definitively go with a bridle that a nameplate would fit on! :lol: I’ve noticed the SmartPak laser engraving service, I might try it soon, since I’m buying a new pair of spurs.

I have bought both. And for the price they are great. However I much perfer the look of the fancy stitch. As it has a thinner check piece that I think matches better. I just got the elite and was a little disappoint with it because the cheek pieces are quite a bit wider and the holes are much bigger and more obviouse. To me giving it a cheeper look. But I love my fancy stitch.

I’ve owned the Plymouth Raised Fancy stitch bridle for 2 years now and I LOVE it! I would but it again in a heartbeat though it looks like I won’t need to any time soon because it has held up beautifully. The full size is a perfect fit for my 16.3 thoroughbred and I have adjusted it to fit an Arab/appy pony in a pinch though the smaller size would look better on her. I’ve never been disappointed in a smartpak product and the Plymouth Line is no exception! Highly recommend!

I have had the Plymouth Elite for about a month now and love it. You can’t beat the quality for the price. It is not going to be mistaken for a $$$$ bridle but it is thoughtfully designed with good quality leather and looks good next to the high dollar bridles.

Plymouth are very nice, bang for the buck I think it’s worth upgrading to the Harwich. But for the price I can’t think of a nicer bridle in the Plymouth’s price range than the Plymouth.

I have the Plymouth Elite and I like it a lot. It looks great on my dark bay and fits well.
The only thing I don’t love is that white or something shows through on the underside of the reins. Like the color rubbed off. I think they came that way. It isn’t really noticeable and you’d never see it when mounted.

My horse is 17h and the martingale was much too short. I tried an oversize martingale from Dover and that was too short too, so my horse is just giant I guess.