Pneumatic tires

Does anyone have a source for carriage tires and inter tubes? I have found some on ebay that ship from Europe or I can order some from China, as long as I order 800. Most places I have seen them for sale they are a lot more than I think they are worth, $65/each shipped seems silly for what you are getting.

Have you checked motorcycle tires? Depending on the vehicle maker, you can often find motorcycle tires the same sizes as the more modern pneumatic tires on carriages. Carriage makers use already made products like brakes, brake master cylinders, and tires that fit on their metal tube, spoked wheels.

I am presuming here, that your tires need to fit a metal 4-wheeled carriage. Not talking about a small 2-wheeler cart which probably won’t use motorcycle tires…

most motor cycle tires are smaller in diameter… I wish the carriage builders would have stuck with more common sizes, but what can you do?

What size tires are you looking for?

29-3.50, I just ordered some from Poland though, I am just shocked that I have to order tires and tubes from Poland that are made in China…

Check with Peter proost at A to Z horse driving. He’s always bringing in carriers and supplies from Europe, and I know he’s ordered wheels/tires in the past. You may have to wait for the next shipment but the service can’t be beat