Pneumonia again

I had a CT today, with both barium and injectable Contrast, from my sinuses to my pelvis. No report yet on what the CLL is doing but I have pneumonia.
Can’t take albuterol, got Breo inhaler. $160/3 months

So sorry you are sick and ugh, with pneumonia.

I do fine with albuterol, but the new levalbuterol I have a warning against in my files.
I get so dizzy and nauseous I can’t function for a bit after using it, have to sit or lay down.

Have you tried that one, if albuterol itself is a no go, it may work for you?
Those kinds of medications may act differently in each person.

Here is more on both and their differences:

Levalbuterol and albuterol are chemically similar, but they are not exactly the same . Albuterol is a racemic mixture of two chemical enantiomers, R- albuterol and S- albuterol . It is sometimes referred to as racemic albuterol . Levalbuterol is composed of just R- albuterol , the more active of the two compounds.

Jingles they can find how to help you feel better.

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Albuterol makes my heart rate and BP go nuts. I’m happy with the Breo just wish it didn’t cost so much.

Once you get healthy again, consider getting the pneumonia shots. There are two, each covers different germs. Ask the pharmacist for better details and the spacing between them.

I ALWAYS got pneumonia after the flu, dragging things out longer. So I got the shots and have not been sick with it since. I may just have not been exposed much or the shots are really working! Sure is nice being able breathe in winter!

This pair of shots will not protect you from Covid, but still worth getting. Hope you improve soon!

Does me too, but not for long, just a bit.

I was on Trelegy for months, talk about cost, ugh.

Now on just QVAR, an inhaled corticosteroid, beclomethasone, the double dose, 80mg.

Not sure about the vaccines, ask your chemo doctor, if you are on any now, if that is ok with any other you may need.

I believe I have had the pneumonia vaccine. I have CLL, a type of leukemia which complicates things