Pod GPS tracker for pets, anyone used it?

I want to turn my Akbash pups out in my large pasture with my ewes but they would be able to get out through the fence. There are roads that are deadly that surround my property but this pasture doesn’t have road frontage. I like that I can set a perimeter setting and would be notified if they left.

If you have any experience with other GPS trackers please share your experiences.

We use what used to be Tagg and is now Whistle on our goats while they roam and browse 50 acres of forest and pasture between milkings.

I have been very pleased with it, and even more pleased now that they are Whistle and the website was improved.

I talked about it on another thread, I’ll find that post for you.

Here we go.


The image I posted down in that thread is from the old website. It’s similar to that now, but much better and more responsive.

I looked at this comparison https://www.podtrackers.com/pod-vs-whistle-tagg
Pod is waterproof and seems to be a little cheaper over all. I’m a bit concerned about them chewing on each other’s as they have chewed collars off each other but seem, knock on wood, to be past that. They do wrestle and play rough at times. They are big dogs and only getting bigger. I wonder if they give a discount for multiples. Thanks Epona142

Those are good points - goats won’t generally (generally I say, since I have video evidence otherwise LOL) go into water, and won’t go into deep water except in extreme circumstances.

And of course, they don’t generally try to pull each others’ collars off!

Anybody have personal experience with the Pod? I’m considering buying one for myself, to carry when I run by myself, so sig other can see where I am. (I know a few cellphones have that capability, but for multiple reasons I don’t want to carry mine).

I just ordered 2 Whistle Trackers. They had a special that ends today and I did the math and it was a better deal. My main concern now is if they chew them off each other. Check them out. The sale ends today.

Hope they work out for you - been happy with ours

My dog recently lost her Tagg tracker in the woods and I couldn’t find it before the battery died. Long story and she now has the new Whistle model. The collar attachment pieces are sturdy compared to the original Tagg models, but it must have been bumped and loosened. Since then, I wrap vet wrap around both of my dog’s trackers to keep them secure. That may help protect from chewing in addition to keeping them secure on the collars. Hope it works for you!

Hah yes we managed to lose one of the old ones a couple years ago too. The newer ones have much longer battery life, so if they come back without it, I go and screenshot the location it’s showing (in case it takes me a while to find it) and then it’s always close to where it shows.

When we lose ours, it’s mostly because the goat’s lost the whole collar so I use bright hunter orange which helps.

The newer Tagg/Whistle tag is much more secure to its attachments, for sure. It’s sometimes a pain for me to take it off.

I got my trackers and put them on the pups. A couple of questions. Do you leave them on 24/7? Or would you if the dogs are outside all night. They are put up but it’s possible, especially as they get bigger they could conceivably go over the gate after something. I wish I could draw the zone instead of having it be a circle. I will leave them on tonight and decide later If I want to leave it on them 24/7. If I want to see exactly where they are do I have to click track?

Any other hints or ideas to make this friendly would be welcome.

Yes, click track. It’s been a while since I’ve used it (girls are penned up for hunting season and then kidding) so while I know you could bring up and look at where they went while you had it tracking, not sure where it is on the new site.

I leave ours on for a couple days at a time, then I charge them. Since we have two they get rotated so that at least one is on, though I prefer two. It helps with my research as well, as well as helping me keep an eye on the beasts.

I have kinda mixed feelings about the Whistle tracker so far. The battery barely lasts 2 days when on them 24/7. My dogs are outside and even thoughntheymare penned up at night they aren’t close to the house and they could get out. I’m going to try taking it off at night for now.

One unit stopped picking up. I pulled it off even though it said it had 50% and put it on the charger and it said it was in the red zone. After charging it seems to be working ok.

It may not be what I need for these dogs. But I can keep up with them when I take them out, so that is good. I just have to figure out how to make this work for me.

My trackers last for almost 2 weeks between charges. My dogs are mostly in the house or yard, where it stays in “power saving mode”, and leave the zone only for a few hours at a time when they go to the barn with me. I guess your battery is draining quicker if they’re away from the docking station more than they’re near it.

And yes, I leave mine on my dogs 24/7.

If you want to see exactly where they are you can hit “Refresh GPS”. That will give you a 1-time location as opposed to starting the Tracking, which will kill your battery even faster.

Yeah that sucks and isn’t right - ours will last four-five days and the animals AREN’T near the “home” zone for the daytime and I use the tracking features heavily.

I’d move the charging base closer but they stay in 1.5 acres and the closest place to plug it in is in a tin barn and I don’t think the signal will reach. Maybe the battery wears down because they move around a lot.

I will try this and see how it goes. Do you think these are the kind of batteries that need to be run all the way down before charging or can I charge them no matter what the %?

im using trackimo gps device for my dog and it suits me best, device is small and has no weight issues or whatsoever and the battery itself last long for more than 80hours.

for more info about the device, click on the links provided below

Trackimo GPS pet trackers - https://trackimo.com/gps-pet-tracker/
Trackimo Playstore App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.codepan.trackimo&hl=en

just like tbztbztbz said try trackimo its a 3G GPS device that can track your dog anywhere.


This looks really neat.

I bought a Whistle 3 for my walker hound and it’s been fabulous. I leave it on him for several days, but I take his collar off at night when he’s sleeping in the bed with me. He’s very, very quiet and, yet sneaky. I leave the collar on when I leave to monitor if he’s escaped, but I mostly use it for when we go to larger parks and he goes (short range) hunting. Sometimes he’s been known to sneak off into the woods. I love my gps tracker. I have read that the battery life will go faster if it’s not on wifi or if you have it in tracking mode. One time, it sent a notification that he had left the yard while I was at work, but I think he may have been at the boundary. The battery charges super fast when it does run down.