Point me in the right direction please!

I need to tighten some fence lines with centaur type strapping, and which has barrel tighteners. I don’t have the tool I need to tighten up the strapping and I can’t figure out how to even search on line for it. Results tend to be for the barrel tighteners themselves or for the tool that would work on the wheel type tighteners that have teeth. Looking at site for Cenflex and Centaur and it seems they offer every fence accessory except that tool.

So all of you folks who’ve had horse farms for way longer than I have (never expected this but I inherited it!) what can I use to tighten up those fence lines? Maybe it’s just some standard ratchet type tool with an attachment the right dimension to fit into the square at the top of the barrel, but if so I can’t find anything like that in the farm toolbox. Ratchet handles galore, though. :thinking:

3/4" rachet. Centaur has videos about it here:

Harbor freight is great for tools like this.

Thanks! I’ll check out Harbor Freight. And now I know what to look for. :grin: