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Pony Finals show lease price

What’s the going rate for just a show lease at Pony Finals? Not on something fancy, just something that doesn’t wanna kill you. I’m thinking a large or medium. Thanks!

Several years ago we paid $4 or $5K to lease a pony for the division. It was safe, sound and sane but not the winner.


Kiddos at prior barns in the past few years have paid a few grand for a week lease for solid citizen but maybe not a top 20 pony. If you want a winner, it’ll be much much more :wink:


Probably decides on the size. Pony prices are insane. Smalls and mediums particularly. Since you’re looking for good brain and safe, that will cost more than leasing a green.
Generally speaking, qualified regular ponies are being leased for over 75K annually and something that will get some attention is closer to 100K for an annual lease… and it gets even more insane when you talk about someone that’s a contender for a Top20, and those are usually not weekly lease potential, so I’d estimate closer to 8-10K for the shorter term of 1 week of Pony Olympics glory for a solid citizen that will do the job. Given these are kids and unfamiliar ponies that can’t be schooled by anyone but the kid the week of the show, I’d highly recommend trying to go the week before to get kid and pony acclimated to one another in the division.
So would definitely set aside 10K for this endeavor and probably a bit more wiggle room for a large, but harder for a catch ride given the step and height.


Thank you guys!