Pony Fitness Recommendations?

So I brought my pony (by pony I mean my 15.3 TB hehe) home yesterday, and she’s been on a pretty lax regime the last few months. Mostly turned out with occasional riding from a half-leaser… we’ve nicknamed her Princess Porkchop :lol:

She’s a trained hunter/jumper and she’s solidly trained, and I’m just wondering what sort of fitness program I should start to get her back in shape, what has worked for others, etc. I’m only about 5 mins from the barn, so I can ride as many days a week as needed (however she always has at least 1 day off no matter what).

I’m going to be working with my trainer as well, but outside tips and second opinions are what I’m looking for! Any ideas?

Here is the training schedule I used when I brought my boy back into work:

Week 1: 30 minutes per ride with 5 minutes trotting
Week 2: 30 minutes per ride with 10 minutes trotting
Week 3: 40 minutes per ride with 15 minutes trotting
Week 4: 40 minutes per ride with 20 minutes trotting and 5 minutes cantering
Week 5: 40 minutes per ride with 20 minutes trotting and 10 minutes cantering

I usually rode in the arena about 5 days a week and took him out for an easy hack on the 6th day to keep him fresh and ready to work.

Hill work!!