Pony Hunter Dee Snaffles

I have been looking for a 4 3/4" Hunter Dee Ring that is suitable for a pony. All of the ones I have looked at and ordered have Dees that measure 3.75" or bigger. It looks way too large on the mare, anyone have any idea where I can find one with a Dee ring that is suitable for a large pony? Ideally a 3.5" or less in height.

I did some googling and found this site, which for the D rings lists the dimensions of the D. Looks like most of them in the 4.75 bit size have the 3.75 D size, but some are smaller.


Myler 4 3/4 bits have smaller dees

www.justforponies.com is where we get our pony tack from.

I have found several with smaller dees at The Farmhouse. I agree with you, I like smaller dees on the ponies!

I found appropriate sized D snaffle for our dainty medium pony at justforponies.com. However, they only had plain snaffle and corkscrew and I’m looking for a slow twist 4.5" and have struggled to find one. I’ll check the Farmhouse!


I find this not to be the case with Myler in my experience. I have a 20 year old Myler 4 3/4" D that is appropriately sized for a daintier, yet still horse sized head (pretty TB head), and 1 year old Myler 5" D that has huge rings (and is kind of ridiculous looking on my ~17h WB).

I have a few 4 3/4" D rings at home that were used for a hony, I’ll try to remember and measure the height when I get home. I seem to remember that the racing D was a better proportion for a smaller animal.

I looked through all my snaffles and the one with a D measuring 3" is a 51/2" bit. It’s a Korsteel if that helps in your search though, it’s so much nicer than the other D rings I have. All of my 4 3/4"D-rings are taller than you would want.

I have a 4 3/4" full check with small rings, it’s a Dr. Bristol.