Porta Grazer for soaked hay?

Has anyone used the porta grazer for soaked hay? I would like to know what size you use, what size holes you have, and how many flakes fit?

A longtime clients horse has cushings, and only gets 2 flakes a.m./3 flakes p.m. It is soaked, weather permitting (freezing temps=no water for soaking). I am stuck deciding between the porta grazer mini or the XL, and the 4" or 3.5" holes. This is for in stall use.

thank you for your advice!

I have the large porta Grazers with the 4" holes. I can fit about 4 good sized flakes of hay in them, maybe 5, so 15 or 20 pounds-ish. I haven’t used mine for soaking, but there is a plug in the bottom for that purpose, so it would be easy. I live in the hot and humid South, and I have had hay get funky if it gets wet and it’s really hot out and it sits for a while, so watch out for that. I do love my Porta Grazers.

I have a mini & and XL and both sized pans, which I swap between the bases just for variety. I have two minis and one 16hh elderly, skinny-ish, Cushings guy, and of course, the big guy prefers the mini pan with the smaller holes. Go figure. He loves to knock them over, roll them, stand them up, etc. I fit about 2 flakes into the mini and 4-5 into the XL. The pan has to spin or else he gets peeved and eats from another hay source. I don’t soak . . . and, my guys unscrewed the caps and chewed them flat so I hope I won’t need to any time soon :). The plastic is awesome - high quality, easy to hose out & keep clean.

Side note: until they make a 1-2" pan, these are not slow feeders for minis – more like speed bumps on their way to obesity, so I will toss a 1" hay net that holds about 5 lbs into the mini feeder with the 3.5" pan and that does slow them to a normal/safe eating pace.

Thank you so much for responding! Frog pond , how long would you say it takes your guy to get through the 2 flakes?
I am torn because this gelding can get 3 at a time, but if it won’t fit in the mini, then that answers that…I would have to do the XL?

thanks for the extra tip, we have a mini and a donkey together who could use that idea…