Portagrazer Question

Looking at the portagrazer corner feeder for the new guy. Does this need to be attached to the wall?

High county plastics junior works for my old guy but is on back order until the end of October. He’s a large 3 yr old with front shoes so I’d prefer not to hang a net. Don’t really need to slow him down but wanting to make sure he has a good amount of hay overnight.

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I have both attached it to the stall and left it loose. Mine is holding up beautifully even after a year of it being loose in the stall and my horse rolling it around like a soccer ball.

They can get the hay out quite a bit faster with it loose imo. I believe that leaving it loose will shorten the lifespan of it, but like I said mine has held up beautifully. It’s anchored currently.

Thanks, I’ll go ahead & order one. I mostly just need to contain the hay & keep the stall neater. He’s doing a lot of walking around to see where my old guy goes when leaving the stall for the run. Worst case they end up switching feeders.

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I love mine. They do keep things very tidy.

My horse liked rolling his around the stall.

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I did attach the corner feeder to the wall. I’ve used a bucket strap through the handle and hooked it to an eyebolt in the wall, or a crosstie through the stall front at shows when I didn’t have a permanent attachment point.

I love it because it easily keeps hay in front of my horse for 12+ hours without overly restricting his intake. My barn manager loves it because there’s almost no hay waste and it’s easy to fill. Hands down the best money I’ve ever spent on something for the barn or stall.