Portugal: tell me about your horsey trip there!

DH and I are going for a week in early June. I expect we will drive down the coast so he can surf, and spend time in Lisbon and maybe Porto, but obviously I’ll be wanting some time on a Lusitano! Ideally doing some dressage and also some exploring on the trails, but not a full 7 day riding trip. I can’t find a place that does both dressage and trails yet.

Any experiences / recommendations?

I have been to Portugal 3 times, and twice I did a 1 week riding program at Alcainca http://www.eealcainca.pt/index.php/home.html but they also do daily programs. They used to do both dressage training (really good) and trail rides. But, from reading the web site, they may no longer do trail rides because the countryside has become too built up. But they might be able to recommend somewhere for trail rides. Georges is fully multulingual and Paulo speaks decent Englsih.

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I’m interested, too, since I’m planning on a trip in September. Currently considering The Lusitano Centre and Monte Velho, but open to anything that has good-quality training for competitive (vs classical or working) dressage.

Bumping this up as our trip obviously got canceled (!) but we’re trying again for an October trip this year.

Can anyone recommend a week long point to point riding trip they have been on and enjoyed? There are quite a few out there.

Has anyone been to the horse fair at Golega? Worth riding there or just go on foot?

Has anyone spent time taking jump lessons at https://www.portugalequestrian.com ?

Any tack shops, Lusitano (display) riding schools or other horsey must-do things in Portugal?

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Highly recommend Morgado Lusitano.

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My daughter is going to be in Portugal this Spring for 4 months and I really want to go visit her and hopefully take a couple dressage lessons on a Lusitano!

That said, if a point to point is what you’re looking for, this trek looks really inviting to me:
Horseback trail ride in PORTUGAL : NORTHERN PORTUGAL NATURAL PARKS AND WILD HORSES | Cap Rando - Horseback riding vacations

My husband and i are hoping to go to The Azores for a couple of months this coming winter. He wants to get away from it. Does not do well in the cold. We are in Ontario, Canada. I hope to do some riding, even just trail rides so if anyone has done any riding on the Azores, please let me know your experience. Any advice appreciated!!!


What island(s)? On Faial, I had a good experience with Belo Campo: https://belocampo.pt/. Nothing fancy but the horses seemed well cared for and they had some super cute rescued donkeys. (As you probably know, the Azores aren’t particularly balmy in winter—but better than Ontario I guess!)

Second this recommendation. The stables are only a few minutes outside Lisbon, the tuition is excellent, the horses beautifully trained, the location is beautiful.

There are many options available around the country so perhaps have a look at a specialist company if you wish to ride for a longer period. I have personally used both
www.unicorntrails.com and www.inthesaddle.com for excellent vacations in Portugal. British companies offer cheaper prices than American ones for the same trip.

ETA Portugal is a delightful country. The people are very friendly and welcoming, English is taught in schools as the second language. Tourism is a major industry so the tourist infrastructure is helpful. The architecture is often amazing, the towns are pleasant and walkable with plenty to see and they are full of places for coffee or a cold beer. The interior, close to the Spanish border where many of the horses are bred, is still deeply rural and significantly less wealthy than the tourist coast, but the country as a whole is thriving as part of the EU. My one slight thing is that I’m not always taken with Portuguese food: I prefer Spanish!