Positude experience?

Has anyone tried positude elixir? My mare was on medroxy progesterone but was looking to use something legal (besides regumate) and someone recommended positude. Would love to hear anyone’s experience with it? Not finding much online.


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Hi! I put my daughter’s pony mare on Positude and loved it! She seemed overall happier, less spooky and less cranky. She was never very marish to begin with, but could be edgy and spooky. After Positude she was much more easy going.

I’ve also put a few of our geldings on it. One is a worrier at shows, and I think it helped him to be able to relax more. I recently put a young guy on it to see if he would mellow a bit but I can’t say it’s done much for him.

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My horse came to me on positude, and he IS a delight, but I don’t know what he’s like off of it. The trainers tried out positude on another horse in the barn, and they liked it so much that now I think every client horse in the barn is on it.

I have a horse on it and he responds very well to it. I up it a little right before and during shows. I stopped using it for a month, tried their other stuff (that did nothing), and he got nervous again.Back on it and it is working.

This is obviously purely anecdotal and probably random, but we had a mare on this and Mare Magic at the same time and we thought that the addition of the Positude made her trippy and careless with her feet. She would trip over canter poles and roll down to the jumps as though spaced out and stoned. We took her off BOTH and this stopped and she became nuts again, but attentive!

Would you mind telling me how much you give daily versus right before shows?

On a normal day I give him one squirt at dinner. Three days out before a show I give a squirt a.m. and p.m. Nite before showing and mornings of, I give 3 squirts if the weather is cold.
I recommend getting the larger size with the pump. The smaller one seems to go too quickly without the pump.

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