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Possible Animal Cruelty. HELP

Okay I’m contemplating whether or not to call the authorities on my fiancé’s friend for abusing his horse.
We have been around horses all of our lives, I love them as my pets and occasionally rodeo. However my fiancé uses horses for a living (catching cows mainly), but he also ropes calves and steers in rodeo and just for fun, as does his friend Ethan.

Well me, my fiancé, his friend Ethan, and about 5 other people were out trail riding in a few hundred acres of woods. Ethan had bought a black barrel horse from someone and was riding him on the trails that day (He bought the horse in hopes of being able to rope off of him). While riding I noticed that Ethan was using a handmade tie-down on his black horse, but it was a chain instead of leather. I didn’t say anything about it to him, but I did say something to my boyfriend and he pretty much just let it roll off of his shoulders.
Well we had been riding for about 2 hours and Ethan seemed to be getting pretty frustrated with his horse and rode off separately from the rest of us. Again, I didn’t think much of it.
Well we had gotten back to the truck and trailer; Ethan and 2 other guys that were riding with us hadn’t gotten back yet. Well after about 30 minutes they come back, but Ethan is riding along on the back of someone else’s horse.
Apparently the horse had tried to run off with him in the bushes and that made Ethan pretty mad. So Ethan and the 2 other guys roped the horse, laid him on his side, and tied his left- front leg, and his right-back leg up, and tied his reins to the saddle horn with his head pulled to the right side (they did all of this to keep the horse from being able to get up). They rode off and left the horse tied up on the ground (with the tie down made from a chain), in the woods, with no food or water for TWO DAYS. I had no idea what they had done with the horse until after we left, and I pitched a fit about it. Ethan was supposed to go get the horse the next morning (it was about 8:30 or 9:00 when we left), but he waited 2 days…
Okay as if that wasn’t bad enough, after he got the horse from the middle of the woods, he kept using the chain for the tie down every time he rode him, and the last time I saw that horse (about 4 days ago) the horse’s nose and jaw had a huge gash where the chain was cutting into him every time Ethan rode him, which I know was over 3 times. The chain would cut into him and leave a scab/scar, and then he would ride him again and the chain would cut further into the scab/scar, and the last time I seen him it was cutting into the meat. It took EVERYTHING I had not to say something to Ethan about it, but my fiancé said since it was his friend that he would handle it, which apparently he didn’t because today he went to Ethan to talk about buying that black horse for me as a barrel horse and he came back and told me that I wouldn’t want that horse because his face was cut up worse than he thought.
I have finally reached my breaking point and I don’t believe that Ethan should be allowed to keep that horse any longer, or any of his other horses for that matter.
Is this a situation where I should call some sort of authorities?
I don’t know what to do! Please help!

I wouldn’t say “possible” animal cruelty :frowning:

Sorry, I do think someone needs to intervene on the horse’s behalf. “Ethan” and the horse are obviously not a good match and he should just move the horse on. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like he is interested in doing that. In that case, yes, someone needs to step and try to help the horse. I hope that your local animal control or whatever they might be called is a good one and try to help the horse.

Unless you have photos or video, there really isn’t anything the authorities can do. Even if you did, it wouldn’t necessarily mean something would happen. Cruelty happens in the show world and look how little the FEI does.

I want to know why you didn’t go get the horse as soon as you found out it had been tied up and abandoned.

BTW, if my fiancee had a friend like Ethan and knew what he was doing, he would be my EX-fiancee. Period.

Both of the males in this story are on about the same level as far as I’m concerned. Call the police. Call the ASPCA. Ask for guidance, and be prepared for fallout.

This is not POSSIBLE animal cruelty. It is torture.

Think hard on who you want to spend your time with.

Your conscience is asking you to act. Follow it. Don’t let anyone talk you into thinking that this is acceptable, or should be ignored. Stand up for this horse.

BTW, if my fiancee had a friend like Ethan and knew what he was doing, he would be my EX-fiancee. Period.[/QUOTE]

Amen to that. Why are you hanging around with these people?

How many of them know and are doing nothing? This is horrendous cruelty - horrendous. The horse was in agony, with or without food & water. This is not training, the horse learned nothing and is obviously still learning nothing.

Someone needs to find a way to rescue this horse, and/or do an intervention with Ethan. He is a disturbed individual who should not own animals. The two who participated in this with him are in the same category and should also be prosecuted, if its possible.

This won’t be the only horror Ethan and his “friends” have and are perpetrating, together or separately. It’s time to find a way to document what else is going on and get the law involved.

Don’t keep silent. Tell your story with first & last names far and wide, to any horse person who will listen. Ask them for advice and help. That alone may help at least get some pressure back to Ethan … if these people have a conscious.

Please help this horse get to a new owner in any way you can … be creative and TELL on this guy.

That is just disgusting and no one on this forum will support that behavior. Time to put your friend in jail and find new friends.

We are a community that may disagree but we do come together on cruelty and what you have described is animal cruelty.

[QUOTE=stolen virtue;7686397]
That is just disgusting and no one on this forum will support that behavior. Time to put your friend in jail and find new friends.


I don’t know what state the OP is in, but I highly doubt he’s going to go to jail, there’s a very good chance he won’t even be convicted.

If she has no proof of what happened that day he can’t be charged, and if she can’t prove the gashes from the tie down did in fact come from a tie down he can’t be charged.

Even so, if he’s a first time offender he might get a fine and a slap on the wrist.

I’m not offering any solutions and I’m sorry for that, I’m just trying to be realistic about the judicial system in this country concerning animal abuse.

why didn’t you go and get the horse???

why didn’t you go and get the horse???[/QUOTE]


Why haven’t you ever spoken up if you’ve been there and seen the horse suffering? Your silence makes you complicit, whether you like it or not.

I thought OP only realized what happened to horse AFTER the friend brought him back. It’s be hard to react to and do something when that something in a way, doesn’t exist.

[QUOTE=Lix Tetrax;7686475]
I thought OP only realized what happened to horse AFTER the friend brought him back. It’s be hard to react to and do something when that something in a way, doesn’t exist.[/QUOTE]You’re right. She should just let it go.

OP, you have choices and the first one is to report what happened to authorities, whether they do something or not. The second is to disengage yourself from the loser who shrugs his shoulders at a friend who does this. The last is to make sure you have nothing to do with them any more. What ever reputation they have or will have, you are one of them unless you demonstrate you want nothing to do with those types of people. Good luck.

Report it. Even if nothing is done now, it will go in his record, and if enough complaints are made over time something can be done in the future.

If the horse has that face injury and a vet is not taking care of it, as I doubt one is, that is proof the horse is not being taken care of properly, enough for the police/AC to become involved.

I never heard of that, but I bet someone would have heard about why that is wrong from a very mad and loud person.

That BF of yours is part of the problem by standing by and not also losing it to his “friend” when he did that.
Honestly, “some people do need shooting”, as they say around here.

I’m thinking troll. “Catching cows”?

No words.
I too would think carefully about who you spend time with…you can judge people by how they treat their animals.

three figs, it crossed my mind, too.

Buy the horse.

I’m thinking troll also. A horse, dropped and tied so it can’t escape for 2 days out in the wilderness would be food for some wild animal pretty quick. I don’t think the guy wouldn’t have had a horse to come back to…

[QUOTE=Ambitious Kate;7686550]
three figs, it crossed my mind, too.[/QUOTE]

Quite possible.

Or at least blows severely how and cold. OP, if you’re real - yes, I’d report what I’ve seen. I wouldn’t expect much to happen, certainly not that any animals would be taken away from the guy. Maybe a talking-to.

You are contributing to this by witnessing the behavior (the chain at least) and saying nothing. To the guy, his peer group condones this behavior - after all, from what he sees you all happily go riding with him as he’s torturing his horse. Your fiance certainly supports it as well, by saying nothing, and by remaining friends with the animal abuser.

No, Animal Control probably won’t do much. They might tell him to lay off the chain.
But that fiance would be an ex-fiance if I were you.

I’m thinking troll. “Catching cows”?[/QUOTE]

Yes, a horse tied down and left for two days would have been a dead horse.