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Possible Bowed Tendon

Hello, I have a 5 year old OTTB mare who is currently living outside 24/7 as she lives on the farm that I work at and there are no stalls available due to the breeding season. She has had slight swelling on the tendon of one of her back legs for a few weeks now. I have been putting liniment and a standing bandage on it as much as I can and that appeared to help keep it from getting worse, but the swelling did not go away. Recently it has started getting worse, the swelling has even risen to higher on the tendon. I know stall rest is the best thing for her right now, but that is not possible unless I move her off the farm and board her somewhere else. My question is are there any other possible remedies that I could try? I haven’t tried sweating the tendon and the only liniment i’ve used is the veterinary topical liniment that is for joints and tendons and smells very minty.
If there are no other options than I will bite the bullet and move her, I just figured it couldn’t hurt to pick everyone’s brain on the topic first. Thank you for any advice!

You need an ultrasound before anyone can answer those questions. If it is bowed she will have to be stalled but it may not be.

Before you go leaping about, get a proper diagnosis. Sometimes an experienced eye can solve a priblem less dramatically. If it is a tendon problem, and US will tell you how bad, etc.