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Possible ringworm inside of nostril?

I just noticed that my OTTB has about 4 spots of closed sores inside his right nostril, they’re mostly round. I cleaned it with water & a sponge to get a better look & they don’t look raised or pus filled. I tried looking online for clues as to what it could be & ringworm is closest to what I’m thinking. He is a bay (no white on his nose), he isn’t off his feed, drinking plenty of water, is not coughing, no excess boogers/liquid, isn’t acting depressed and pretty much seems fine. The only changes recently would be that I bought a used halter from a tack shop a week ago that I tried on him but it was too small so I haven’t actually used it, my brother in law also adopted a 2 year old mustang from a facility a month ago and their stalls are next to each other. The mustang was born in the facility but was obviously housed with numerous horses, I see no signs of ringworm though.

I am not one to neglect my animals but I would like to try at home treatment without having a vet come out to charge me an arm & a leg to prescribe cream I could buy at a tack shop. Obviously if this problems progresses I will call the vet out.

If he had ringworm in his nostril, then I would say he would have ringworm on all parts of his body touched by his muzzle when scratching an itch. JMHO

Does he have a white muzzle/blaze? My Clyde x mare gets scabs like around her nostrils. It’s a reaction to the sun. I am ready to add a nose veil to her already long fly mask, to protect the tip of her nose!! Another Clyde x at the barn gets them too.

Is it at all possible that these round sores are nasolacrimal ducts (tear ducts)? They are round and can take on the appearance of a sore. Or could some grass or a branch have poked his nostril while in pasture?

Is he turned out or can he reach another horse? They do play and sometimes get rather rowdy I’d keep an eye on it but do think its an odd spot to develop ring worm