Post OCD Surgery Hock Swollen Again *Small Update --- Bog Spavin???*

It has been record breaking cold here in NE Florida for the past few days. Plus last week was super cold too. Of course this is making the horses a little batty and they are playing and bucking and what not in the field.

Yesterday evening, when blanketing after feeding, I see my 3.5 y/os left hind puffy right above the fetlock on the very back of the leg. Very minor warmth, not tender to palpation and not lame. I went ahead and put furacin (well its a non furacin topical that is like furacin but safe) and dmso on with syran wrap and then a standing wrap over it. That was on last night. Took it off before work this morning. Still puffy.

Came home from work this evening and brought him in to rewrap the leg only to find that his right hock is HUGE in the same place that was swelling when he still has his OCD lesion.

This is a pic I found online. It is no where near this bad (not even half) but it does show the spot where its swelling.

Now when he had it prior to surgery, it was really soft and you could press on it and it would easily “deflate”. This is a little more firm and a little warm, just like on the lower left leg. I put furacin/dmso on that with syran wrap and wrapped his hock while he was in for dinner/hay. Thankfully I have a lot of experience wrapping a hock due to him having surgery.

Anyways, not lame on concrete, soft ground, straight line, circle at walk trot. Didnt canter. Im thinking he strained something playing around outside. My mare had a similar smaller swelling on the right hind 4 days ago and she has been playing too. I did the wrap and it was gone the next day.

So am I just lucky that he is happening to have swelling in the same area as he did prior to surgery? I am having the dentist out Friday and he has a vet that travels with him and they are both familiar with him and his history. I am going to talk to him and have him look at it but thats still a day away and I probably am going to stress about it until then. I am also shooting an email to the surgeon who worked on him.

I did give him 1g bute tonight trying to help the swelling. Sigh.

Obviously if it doesnt start to go down and/or vet thinks something else is going on, I will get ultrasound/xrays. He has never been lame on that leg before and after surgery. He has been ridden 6 times total and the last time was 2 weeks ago and the time before that was 2 weeks before that. So I know he didnt do it while being worked.

Just trying not to stress. Any words of encouragement would help. :frowning:

You have done all you can do for him right now… Have a cocktail and let it go. He is young, healthy and will recover well from whatever he has done :slight_smile:

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Rest him, rest him, rest him. And if you have a good relationship, call the vet who did surgery and just ask!! Good luck! We have a OCD hock lesion sx that has turned out marvelous.

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You have done all you can do for him right now… Have a cocktail and let it go. He is young, healthy and will recover well from whatever he has done :)[/QUOTE]

So true. I think I will have a glass of Chocovine and go to bed…

I did email the surgeron. He is AWESOME (Dr Aric Adams at Equine Medical Center of Ocala) and even when I had the PPE on Rex and found the OCD lesion, I was able to call him from PA and speak to him about OCD and his thoughts on buying a horse with it, etc. And prior to that he had only done lameness exams/hock injections on my mare. I drop him emails every once in a while asking about things and he always emails me back so quickly and with great info. I am very fortunate.

I am just fretting… trying not to.

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Just Jingles for your gelding and you during this struggle ~

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Thank you.

Surgeon did email back and said that it was not out of the ordinary for this area to swell if he inflammed the area running around. He is actually more concerned about the SDFT and thought an ultrasound to make sure it isnt a bow would be a good idea. I agree. I will see how it looks this afternoon.

whew Just glad it wasnt a flare up from the OCd surgery.

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Well it is 2 weeks later and the swelling is still there. I have furacin/dmso wrapped it, cold hosed it, buted, rested, etc. No changes. He is not lame and there is no heat or tenderness.

I am ok if this is a cosmetic blemish but I really want a vet confirmation that that is all it is. I have a call into a vet who has the equipment to check out his hock but its been 1.5 wks and no response… not sure if they are out of town or not - the recording when you call does not mention it.

I am now in contact with another vet who is much further away (ie: $$ trip charge) but they also have the equipment. Trying to get them out this coming week to avoid driving to Ocala.

So after much research online, I think it is “bog spavin” which I honestly dont know much about but I am reading and really think that is what it is. So it could just be a left over effect from the OCD lesion or it could be a sign something else is still going on.

Anyways, just venting… its so frusterating that it happens right at Christmas/New Years so its like impossible to get a vet out on a normal call esp b/c my day off during the week is Friday which for these last 2 weeks has been a holiday. :frowning:

Any experiences with bog spavin? It looks pretty much like this but on the medial part of his upper right hock.

Was there any fluid in his hocks? Did you end up getting an Ultrasound?

When did he have his surgery? For the first couple of years after my boy’s surgery, he would get boggy if he had time off. If he was turned out in the field, or worked lightly on a regular basis, there was no problem, but he would always swell up if he was idle or on stall rest.
Now, at almost 5, the vet has to ask me which hock it was. Don’t panic.

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