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Posture Prep = Amazing!

I got a Posture Prep groomer and used it today for the first time on all three horses. So far, I am wondering why I haven’t heard more about this. It is incredible!

Used it first on my gelding, who is not a huge fan of grooming but accepting of it. Within five minutes, he was sighing and moving to make sure I got the right spots. He was sensitive over his trouble areas, but I groomed lightly and for short periods and then just kept going back to them. He was clearly a fan.

Used it second on my super sensitive, chestnut mare. She HATES being groomed. I have tried every curry known to man and she doesn’t like any of them. Today, she was HAPPY with her grooming! I thought this would never happen so am thrilled!

I tried it last my other other chestnut cutie mare, who loves to be groomed. To be fair, I just did her in the paddock rather than bringing her in the barn. She was a bit distracted so I can’t say she loved it but will keep trying.

For $20, definitely worth a try!


Not to sound cynical, but what makes it different than similar-style rubber curries with the big fingers?

(Proving I’m not trying to be a negative Nelly, I literally just ordered one :rofl:)


It also works just as well on humans.

I got myself two Posture Preps-horse and human. I gave both stables I ride at three each, horse, human and dog.

My husband successfully used the horse one for his aching feet–placed it on the floor with the points up and rested his foot on it, moving it a little.

I use my human one EVERY DAY, on my neck and iffy ankle. It does help with my pain.

The horses like them too! I’ve been riding my lesson horse for a year. The day I used the Posture Prep on his back and neck was the ONLY time he nuzzled me ever.


It has a couple different types of fingers and they seem more flexible than the others with long fingers I’ve seen.

Btw, I was totally skeptical, too.

And maybe it’s just the grooming method she recommends. I don’t know. But I am going to continue to use it until they tell me they don’t like it.


It’s the grooming method. I use the method with just a regular curry and get the same results.

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I have no clue but my horses all prefer the Posture prep. The teeth are different than other curries I have.


I LOVE Posture Prep and so do my horses!!! I have some rubber curries that are very similar to the silicone PP ones and the horses like those too, but I think that $20 is worth it for the happiness my horses get from a PP grooming session. Plus they no longer make the rubber ones in the same shape as the PP ones.


Can you expand? I generally don’t use the circular method we were all taught so I’m interested to know if it’s similar to what I figured out for my sensitive creature.

It is cross fiber grooming. They have a chart on their website and tons of videos about it. Essentially, it is myofacial release. I did the PP on my 3 year old that is just in his second month at the colt starter and he practically crawled in my lap!! LOL.


Thanks. I didn’t find a chart in a quick look, but I think from reading a few of the FAQs it seems similar to what my precious princess and I have agreed to.

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They have free videos on the website. It’s basically up and down, against the grain of the muscle, so it keeps the skin and muscle released and the muscle loose. ALL of my horses love it. Since I started posture prepping my 5 year old, he yawns for like 5 minutes before I put the bridle on… LOL. For only $20, I would say it is as essentially to my young horse training program as the Bemer is…


I’m so intrigued that I ordered the horse and human one. Had to send it to our Blaine mail box as they don’t ship to Canada. I did get free shipping.


Thanks! I can’t get the videos to load on my phone so will try tomorrow on computer.

It sounds very similar to what I do. I spent over a year figuring out grooming on this one. She just hated it so mostly I just didn’t. And then I gradually figured out that super soft brushes were the worst offenders and gradually found my way to an up and down motion. She will contort herself (including hilarious rollkur poses lol) and join in grooming when I get to her abs area in front of her stifle.

There are still difficult areas (flanks, belly) so I’m hoping watching the videos may give me some new ideas (direction over those muscle groups?) to clear that final hurdle.

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You can search it on YouTube independently if the link doesn’t work.

Generally it’s up/down along the neck and topline, left/right along the chest, belly and hamstrings, and then both up/down and left/right (gently) on the legs.


So are there different shapes or sizes for human, dog, horse? Or are they all the same.
There is a wide range of prices out there, from $10. to $35.00

I found the graphic that comes with the brush more helpful than the videos, but that may be my short attention span. As stated above, it is grooming across the fibers, and since the fibers generally flow in the same direction as the hair goes, brush in 5 inch strokes PERPENDICULAR to the hair.


Thank you!!! That just cemented why I received approval for neck, back, haunches, etc. and have yet to pass my horse’s test for chest, etc.


I do this technique with a grooma type rubber curry and my horse loves it.

I do think it is important to find a grooming tool that your horse likes, even with this technique. So the posture prep might be the right feel for many horses. I do know several people who swear by that name brand grooming tool too.


Since I own all three versions.

The dog one is more flexible and bendable plus smaller.
Horse one is thicker back and hard to bend.

The human one is bendier than the horse and just feels different on the skin vs the other two. . IMHO.


I ordered this one:

I honestly couldn’t tell what was different between this and the $20 apart from maybe size, and I tend to be cheap. :woman_shrugging:

Curious to try it out when it arrives.