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Posture Prep = Amazing!

My young mare alternates between hating it and loving it, all in the same spot. It’s pretty weird. She bobs her head in “stop that” frustration. Then goes to lip wiggles, then back to “stop that”.

I’ve really been working on loosening up her hamstrings lately (stretching, percussion gun, massage) and her overall soundness and posture have notably improved. She also has stopped shitting on the window ledge.


How has her soundness improved?


She was just a titch short on her right hind for the first trot of a session. She would warm up out of it in about 5 minutes and be fine for the rest of the ride. Didn’t matter how long I walked her for to start.

Now the shortness is less, and she warms up out of it faster. I’ve had a lameness eval done on her and it didn’t block to anywhere (and her suspensories ultrasounded clean), so I think it’s muscle-related. Same with the wall sitting/shitting. She’s trying to relieve some discomfort when she does that.


Interested to hear if anyone uses it on themselves or their dog and what those results are like. Dog is going in for CCL surgery tomorrow and we have 8-12 weeks of doing nothing so thought it could be a nice way to entertain her a bit.

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I used it on my dogs before bringing it to the barn and they loved it. Especially my one dog who always wants us to pet him on his hips got really into it being used on his hindquarters.


My dog loved it. She kept putting her paw on my arm when I took a break. “do some more.”
She has hip problems so I used less pressure where she is sore. When I finished after 20 min. she acted all refreshed. highly recommend PP.

On my human feet, it was heavenly. Didn’t realize
my feet were so sore and over-used.
Haven’t had time to do other areas.


Mine came today so I tried it out after his hoof trim. A few days ago I used my old black Grooma groomer the same way as PP recommends, and he acted as he normally does during a grooming session. Today with the PP, he really enjoyed it, yawning a lot (he’s a big yawner anyway for any kind of bodywork), head swaying. His back end was a pile of mush when I was done. Didn’t get to ride afterwards but hopefully the effects will last.


it seems very similar to the old Unigroom. I have those in all the colors! It seems the horses tended to like the soft pink ones the best. And like the reviews of this current product, the horses just seem to melt when you use them. I inherited a box full after a friend lost her horse. They are worth their weight in gold.

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My Posture Prep is supposed to come in today.

We’ll get to try them out tomorrow.


Waiting impatiently for mine; it was supposed to be delivered yesterday. I know my big mare will love it. She’s been known to pin stall cleaners into a corner demanding that they scratch her butt (they’ve learned not to even start with the skritchies because she is never satisfied). I think I’m going to start using it prior to doing fascia kinesiotapings as she needs all the help she can get to loosen up.

ETA: it was in the mailbox. I’ll give it a go tonight and see what my more sensitive girl thinks about it.


Pico_Banana, your the bomb for caring to share your Posture Prepping experience and thereby help spread the benefits to so many.

Here is a share for you and yours. I hope it all fits…yikes… I can only share 2 links. Fingers crossed

Here is a comprehensive list of my videos.

If you get the chance to watch the 2012 Equine Wellness video you wont be disappointed A full power pint presentation. Quite comprehensive. My flagship video.


  1. Foundation for good posture is all 4 cannons on the verticle
  2. Compare posture from right and left sides.
  3. RedFlags. Find it Feel it and Fix it
  4. Cross Fiber:

-back to front
-short strokes 4-6 inches

-Skin is the horses clothes start lighter to loosen the skin. Yet horse’s like it deeper too.

-use your whole body and watch with soft eyes. The myofascial system is a self lubricating System. Watch the fluid dynamics under the skin.

  1. Posture is the language of the horse.

Are they comfortable in their own skin?

Are they happy on the inside and outside?


Hamstring crease release


Big mare did in fact love it and never wanted me to stop. I didn’t have time to watch all the videos yet, but will this weekend. I started up by her tail and worked forward, and then around the withers and scapula both sides. Next, I did around the pecs/girth area, and then on the ribs and gaskins. She did not start snatching her right hind away and threatening to kick when I worked that side even pretty close to the flank. I did see her think about it at one point, but she settled back in.

Little mare had an injury I had to attend to instead, so I haven’t tried it on her (plus my arms were about to fall off after big mare).

Overall, glad this thread convinced me to add it to my arsenal, and the price is right compared to some other therapies I dabble with!


Checking back in. I own a nearly white flea bitten grey. Today he got a bath and to distribute the soap I used the posture prep. Like I do when grooming and he LOVED it even more than a dry run. It slid so smoothly across his coat. Like a smooth massage.


My fjord does this too. We spend LOTS of time with stuff like this. I love that it’s a way for us to communicate where it’s obvious what he wants.

I have a PP on the way to see what he thinks if. I have a curry that is similar that he likes so I’m excited to see his thoughts. I just started working with him where I present two grooming tool options and he picks; I’ve got a scratchy curry, a tail brush which he likes for neck itches, the grooma curry, and a theragun massage device.



I’m always at a loss for what to get my barn mates as a small Christmas gift - this fit the bill! This, horse treats, and some chocolates. Done!


Product enhancement idea:

Can we have the posture prep with an extender for getting harder to reach areas and for those of us with shoulder issues that can’t reach over our head with tall horses or horses that kick out?


Yesterday I was in the car for 2+ hours, and I sat in the ododontists chair for 2 hours while he cleared all the infected areas out of one of my molars in preparation for a root canal.

For some reason I forgot to use my human Posture Prep last night. This morning my neck and scalp HURT even after a warm bath.

I used my Posture Prep and my pain is gone. I should have done the Posture Prep last night!

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How do you use it???

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I use it cross-wise on my neck, from right to left. I try to work it also across the tops of my shoulders (not the scapula) from the front, and a little around my sensitive right shoulder joint.

Then I move it up to my scalp. First I move it side to side from the bottom up the center parting of my hair up to my forward hair line. If that is not enough for my scalp pain I get creative, I add up and down some, then some at a diagonal over the muscle fibers.

Then my neck/scalp pain abates or goes away, usually for the rest of the day unless I do something stupid to trigger my neck pain again.


Nothing says “two thumbs up” more than a fjord willingly stepping away from his hay to get the grooms for more than two seconds. This was a first! I just ordered 10 more so Charlie can give Christmas gifts to his horse friends :joy: