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Posture Prep = Amazing!



It’s finally warm enough/ I’m not sick/ the horses are cooped up and I broke out the PP I got for Christmas! Both horses are mares, one full TB and one half TB, and to my complete shock they LOVE it. Like make-faces-I’ve-never-seen LOVE it. Interestingly, they both have a spot on their neck, near where it ties into their withers, that seems tight (by feel) and that they both greatly enjoy having worked on. Neither is in any work and hasn’t been for a while so must be some sort of environmental factor? It’s more prominent on the half TB. They also both shockingly enjoy it on their barrel even towards/ onto their flanks (the full TB even surprised at herself that she was enjoying it lol).


My ottb HATES this. I’m guessing that’s a problem? Anyone know what could cause this?

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I work at a lesson barn. One of the higher level show/lesson horses went his whole lesson with his tail raised like he was going too poop. He is a WB. This is not normal for him.
I pulled out my Posture Prep to see if I had a reaction anywhere.
Nothing on neck or back. However he loved when I worked on his right hip and right haunch. Liked it on the left. Went back to right side. When I stopped he turned and looked at me like why are you stopping, then swung his hip towards me.
This was me using two hands and body weight. Think deep tissue not Swedish massage. But that seemed to be what he wanted.
Funny thing is his tail was in his normal position when I was done.


I use the human Posture Prep on myself.

The gripping tendon up by my crotch on my left leg has been hurting, it started when I woke up one day. I have been using my PP on it. I started noticing some little bruises on my skin.

I had been putting downward pressure on the PP, just like I do everywhere else on my body. No visible bruising at the other places even with the harder pressure.

I remembered Dr. Bona’s insistence on moving the skin, so I lightened up a good bit just aiming to move my skin a little bit.

If your horse does not seem to like it LIGHTEN UP!!! My current lesson horse (chestnut OLD QH gelding) has extremely sensitive skin. I will need to lighten up on him. When I use the PP with some pressure he isn’t completely happy with it, but afterwards when I am grooming or holding him I have started to get super light nuzzles from him. This is a big difference because all the time I’ve ridden him he has not shown any signs of affection at all.

Next time I will lighten up and see if he acts more cheerful when I use the PP on him.

The human PP is now part of my non-OTC pain relief regimen for my own body. It has helped a good deal in reducing my swollen ankle/foot from long term Covid-19.


My dog knows where I keep his and asks for it. He will also move himself around to where he wants you to focus on. About 3 weeks ago he tore his CCL on his right hind (surgery is this coming Thursday)- he really wants me to use it on his left hip area which I imagine is over worked from him limping


Have you watched the videos? It is all about the technique of the cross fiber. There are a few links in thread or go to Posture Prepping on YouTube.


I’ve known some horses that just hate grooming or having their hair ruffled, period.

It’s possible that you have one of those.


I ordered one, will try it on my two when it gets here and report back. The gelding is ambivalent about grooming, doesn’t live for it but doesn’t dislike it either. The mare hates being groomed, the only grooming she likes is mutual grooming when you scratch her withers. The only brush she really likes in the Haas lambskin one. We will see how it goes!


I had a Posture Prep for about a year since I got it from my horse’s now retired body worker.
She loves it. Katrina would always start with the PP and if we got to talking and she quit working on Kyra, after about 30 seconds, Kyra would walk between us :rofl:. HELLO, you are supposed to be working on me. We always did her loose in her stall and she usually demanded to be the center of attention…and still does.

I don’t use it every day but have discovered a good perk…it is excellent as a shedding tool. My girl is shedding heavily and the PP pulls off a lot of hair. So, right now, I am using it every session to get that hair off. I still go cross fiber and she loves it.



I’ve started my gelding on gabapentin. It’s been less than a week but I’m noticing his muscles are responding to the posture prep more and he’s lost his nervous edge. He has cervical arthritis so I’m assuming the tight muscles are related to nerve irritation.


Slight tangent - is that how gabapentin works? On nerve pain?

Googling the use of the drug pulls up a list of “every type of pain in existence and some mental illnesses too”. A friend has a horse on it for a mystery issue that no other drug seems to touch (she’s chasing it, but is still in the ??? phase), so color me curious.


Yes. It calms nerves and musculoskeletal pain. My mother has been using it for arthritis in her back and it took 6 weeks but it is finally starting to help. She can finally move around.


@Sdel is gabapentin something you get from your vet, or is this OTC?

It’s a prescription.


My (kissing spine) horse loved this after his ride today. I did a little bit lighter pressure and he stood perfectly relaxed the whole time.


Miss Mare seems to prefer it after a workout. I do it before as well but after is when I get the most yawning and licking.


I have noticed a difference in my horse using it before riding, but just started aftwards a bit as well and he likes different areas then. Guess now I’m doing it twice per ride. Superman arms by summer!


my mare (who in general just tolerates being groomed) is either ambivalent or irritated by this before the ride. but after the ride she can’t get enough! interesting.


Have you tried using hardly any pressure? Starting there? I find with my guy - PSSM2 that if I start really light that I can build to more. But I do still keep it pretty darn light. Not sinking into tissue by any means. Hopefully someday.