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Potential horse - problems!

Hey Y’all,

So I have been trying to find a horse for a pasture mate for my hunt horse. His buddy died and he is not happy all alone. What do y’all think of this horse-proceed (again) or let it go? The person I bought my current horse from knew of a horse at the track that was for sale. It had been involved in a family squabble and had just sat around for 3 years, in training for part of the time. I saw him trotted out and really like him, liked his looks. Had a vet come out for PPE. He said the horse was great and seemed sound, but had 'mild shivers". I decided not to get the horse, I don’t want one with hind end issues, but did call the vet back. I thought his response was odd. He said a horse with shivers has no issues under saddle at all and that this horse had a mild case. I asked if he’d backed him up or asked him to walk forward after backing and he said no. When he asked the horse to give him one hind leg the horse held it up high and slightly shook it. Well, maybe that’s shivers and maybe not imho. He also repeated that shivers was no impediment at all to a hunting career, which I don’t think is true either.
So after much agonizing, talking to the owner, talking to the person who found the horse, both of whom insisted the horse had never shown any signs of shivers I decided to go look for myself and have the horse reevaluated. by a different vet.
On my way during the 9 + hour drive I called the owner to give them my eta and she casually mentioned the horse was a roarer-or rather “made a little noise.” So I called the vet, sat in a parking lot and thought about it, and decided to cancel the vetting and my trip.
BUT one, I’ve not found anything else, and two I still think about this horse. The vet says there are indeed levels of paralysis-the owner says the flap is paralyzed open but that’s apparently impossible. I don’t know, that’s two strikes! But if he was a very mild roarer, would it be worth it? I live in a very muggy, pollen infested, hot area of the US. Most folk have said walk away-what says the hive mind?
Thank you for any advice!
Huntin’Fool .

Pass !

Be patient ~ the right buddy will be found ~


You dodged a bullet. Let that happen.

Likely you can’t get this horse off your mind because you don’t currently have another prospect to think about.

Our brain starts to play tricks – What if this is the last horse that will ever be for sale? What if nothing better will ever be out there? What if a suitable horse doesn’t come up for another year? What if … what if … what if … ?

Find something else to think about and keep looking. :slight_smile:


Shivers wouldn’t bother me but any breathing issue is a hard no. Think about borrowing/buying a pony or mini for a companion and take your time finding a riding horse. Good luck!


This. I have a horse with shivers that is still hunting. The only issue for him is being trimmed by the farrier, and I have a patient, sympathetic farrier, so it’s not a big issue.

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So, McGurk, it’s not an issue with all the stuff one does hunting-hills, corners, jumping? All of the above at speed?

You wouldn’t know this horse has shivers unless you go to pick THAT hind foot. Then he does the thing where he holds it up and to the side and shakes. You just have to hold the foot and wait until he relaxes.

That’s it’s. He’s in his late 20s and has hunted since he was four. Third flight now, obviously.

He requires a patient farrier, and I have to warn people about it if they’re going to pick his feet.


Hard pass. I’ve worked with a couple roarers, and it’s can be debilitating. Shivers, no matter the severity, is also a liability. This isn’t a horse I would consider.


@Huntin_Fool, my horse may have a mild case that hasn’t progressed. I also don’t know how hard he hunted after the onset of symptoms, but he was a 1st flight and staff horse for awhile. He’s the only horse I’ve known that has had shivers.

But back to your potential horse; he has two strikes, the shivers and the roaring. I would consider him for a pleasure horse home or MAYBE a hill topper, not more.


Dear All,

Thank you for bringing me back to reality! And I do think my brain is playing tricks. I am going to continue the search and try to borrow a babysitter meanwhile.

Lord! Horses!!



Ditto, pass.