Power Recliners and Cats

Bad idea?

OK combination?

My bad shoulder is having more and more problems working the lever on our old recliner, and the kind that you have to close up with your legs are too hard on my old legs and back.

My more-elderly friends keep recommending them – but they don’t have cats.

I have one that I bought from my dad’s estate. It no longer works but when it did I had no issues with it and the cats. It reclines fairly slowly so they have time to get away from it.

Mine jump out of the way when they hear the mechanism starting. My husband has a huge THWAPBANG recliner chair that once he hits that spring it goes off like a rat trap. Our cats steer way clear of that thing but if we had a kitten I would live in constant fear. The slow audible brrrrrr of the automatic is MUCH better! I hit the button once to scatter the crowd and then finish it with one hand on the trigger ready to reverse, but have never needed to. If you were really proactive obsessive, as I fully admit I can be, you can put a little scat mat under the chair so they just won’t go there.

I know someone that lost a kitten in a thwapbang recliner and I have lived in fear of that since always.


I have one and my mom, who lives with me, has a power lift chair. 2 cats…0 problems. When my Dad was alive, we had to watch the dog because she would lay at the base of the chair with her head UNDER the chair when it was up. They never got the dog…the chairs move fairly slow and she got out of the way.


Thank you all very much. :slight_smile:
I was wondering about the risk of a kitty electrocuting itself if sharpening its claws on a plugged-in chair, as well as the possibilities of other injuries.
I have one cat and just about always know where she is, thank goodness.

OnAMission, I was really sorry to read about your kitten.

Thankfully not my kitten, it was a friend’s but a bad story all the same.

My cat Suzie can attest that a cat can safely claw on a plugged in chair. The wires are in the middle of the couch kind of like the seat in a car, no risk to a cat. I had to put double sided tape on the edge of mine to keep Sooz from clawing it though!

I think you will enjoy your new chair :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much, @OnAMission OnAMission! :slight_smile: ^. .^

Some of the swankier models have sensors to prevent this exact problem (haven’t actually tried one though to judge sensitivity)—might be worth the upgrade.