Powerchair/Wheelchair Spinoff

Do any of you know where to look for an affordable power wheelchair? I have a friend who has COPD and recurring hip pain (one hip replacement; the other her own but 70+ years old).

Medicare will not cover the cost of a power chair unless it is needed for mobility in the person’s home, and my friend’s apartment is not an accessible unit.

I contacted a COPD website but they didn’t have much info so I was grabbing at straws until I read the other thread here about powerchairs for outdoor, farm use.

Try Facebook Marketplace. I searched power wheelchair, and stopped counting at 15 for sale ads. Prices were $500 to $10,000. Perhaps a mobility scooter would work. They are very readily available on the used market at low cost.

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I broke my ankle in September and we bought a Zinger on Craig’s list for $1K. It was a lifesaver for me. It’s very easy to drive and quite comfortable and small enough to be portable.

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