PPE on Foal in Florida...help!

Hello everyone!

I’m looking to get a PPE done on a foal in the Orlando, Florida area. She’s a 3-month old purebred Arab filly who lost her mother at 19 days. I’ve been following the breeder for a while (considered this filly’s older sister) and have always wanted a foal of this cross, and this is my last chance. I reached out to Florida Equine for a quote and was told $325 for the exam plus $50-$70 for travel. Does this seem standard? I feel like it’s a little high. Do you have any recommendations for other vets? I’m looking for a basic exam, no x-rays or flexions (obviously). I want eyes/heart/movement/confirmation, but nothing excessively deep. Should I pull blood work?

I don’t want my excitement/desire to have this filly to color my choices. Thanks!

Is there a certain reason you went with a vet that wasn’t out of Orlando? What is the address of the foal? I’m about 40 min from Orlando in Winter Haven but I think the vet you chose is further away than need be. There are plenty of Vets in Orlando. Very horsie area.

It does seem a bit high but don’t choose the first vet that comes up on the search engine. Not sure why you would need blood work. This is such a young foal basic exam and eyes/heart done. Vet will most likely not tell you a thing about movement and confORmation because they will not get into the specifics. They will just say yea she doesn’t look like a train wreck or not. Same thing you can see in a picture/video

I think with Florida Equine, you should consider that this is a sport horse vet who is also an FEI vet, so her fees will be higher than a typical treating vet.

Did you explain that you just need heart/lung/eyes? Basic eval, no xrays or such. You might find they were expecting to do more and can lower the price accordingly.

I use Florida Equine Vet Services/Dr. Erin Denney-Jones as my primary vet.
While she’s not the cheapest vet around, she is thorough and knowledgeable
and up to date on all around care and treatment. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her for a PPE especially if I were not from this area. BTW, Clermont is considered Orlando, just a suburb.

I’ve been in the area for 45 yrs. and have used or am familiar with many of the local vets, if you want any more info, PM me. Glad to help.

The most important consideration when vetting a foal in a sale is the vet’s experience in evaluating FOALS. Been there, done that, and using a vet who normally vets adult competition horses can be unnecessarily expensive and can also include procedures that are no at all useful for the evaluation. Your best bet is to find a vet who is very familiar with foals.

sent you a pm