PPE Stories

Ah, the worst thing about buying or selling a horse! Let’s relive it, shall we? :winkgrin: Yes, I’m evil. Anyway, anyone have any funny/scary/touching/cute/sad PPE stories? I have one, but will share later as it’s a bit long, and I’m lazy. Go!

I was finally selling a horse for a nice profit. Bought her as a 2 year old out of race training, put some training into her, realized she wasn’t a good for for what I wanted, and put her up for sale as a 4 or 5 year old. I had minimal trouble finding interested parties, and quickly found an awesome, perfect buyer for her. Everything was going way too well. Mare tries to sabotage the deal by sneaking under a fence and into my pond where she got into something she was allergic to, a few days before the PPE. Mare is blown up with hives and massive legs. I opted to use a vet from the clinic the buyer was using for the PPE so they’d have the record. Treated the mare then withdrew meds right before the exam to clear her system somewhat. Mare cleared up decently well for the exam. Buyer hauled her to the vet for the PPE, and had planned to take her home as long as all was reasonable. Mare was LAME as soon as they trotted her on the longe. Of course they’re all staring at me like “Why are you trying to sell her this crippled horse??” Mare had never taken a lame step in the previous years I had her. Couldn’t figure out what the problem was and I ended up with the horse back at my house. Buyer still wanted her if she came around. I spent the next 6 months doing diagnostics after diagnostics with no leads, trying to figure out why the mare was lame and came up with NOTHING. By that point the buyer had found something else. Mare finally went sound again, we never knew what the problem was, and I ended up selling her as a broodmare for about what I paid for her.
I hate selling horses.