PPE vet in North Carolina?

Pros and cons of any of these? Other suggestions?


Southern Pines Equine
Cameron Boggs at Breezeway Sport Horses
Dr Jim Hassinger

I’m from a different part of NC, but Hassinger is practically famous. I’d be very comfortable using him for a PPE.

Awesome - thank you!

Probably too late but I’d wholeheartedly recommend all three of the ones you listed here. All are incredible vets. Hassinger is one of the best sporthorse lameness vets in the country in my opinion so you certainly can’t go wrong there!

Thank you!

I’ve used Hassinger twice for sporthorses with something NQR going on. He is excellent, knowledgeable, and professional to work with. Highly recommend. That being said, they’re on the road a lot, so fitting into the schedule may be tricky.

Southern Pines Equine is my regular vet (for stitches, vaccinations, etc) Old school and competent, they should do a good job.

I recently sold a mare who was PPE’d by Dr Bri Gindlesperger. I thought she did an excellent job.

I use Dr Lisa Kivett for repro work (which my regular vet doesn’t do) and would trust her with a PPE as well.

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All three are great, but personally I would recommend Triangle Equine in Cary. Phenomenal vet who is very picky…PPE will be VERY thorough