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Practical Move dies

What the hell is happening at this years Breeders Cup??? https://www.thoroughbreddailynews.com/practical-move-dead-from-apparent-cardiac-event/

Oh my gosh, this year seems jinxed. I know these things are all unrelated…but still.

If Racing is not careful they will soon lose their social license. Reading the responses on the Athletic, it is all negative and these are your sports fans with extra spending money, cause the site is behind a paywall. If they don’t care for or disgusted by the sport then they won’t care if it goes away.

It seems as though racing is being more careful, doing all the pre-race checks and now restricting joint injections. More work to be done, of course.

But PM had a cardiac event–I don’t know how that can be predicted or prevented. A friend’s horse, a pleasure horse, dropped dead in the aisle in front of us after an easy hack.

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And Arcangelo is out. Total bummer.

I would argue that Racing is not careful. The current changes have been forced upon them. They continue to fight every change. Once you have a horse die during a race on national TV in the triple crown then you probably see more calls from the general public calling for Racing to end.