Pre foaling vaccine timing

Hi everyone! My maiden med pony mare is expecting her first foal. 340 days is Mar 6th. I’m her breeder. I have her mom, a small pony. Her mom foaled all 3 of her foals at or around 320 days. All fully cooked.
I’m trying to figure out the best timing for this mare’s pre foaling vaccines if she follows her mom’s record.
She’s a pony and they tend to, but not always, go a bit early in general.
I know vaccines should be given 30 days out but is there a longer range that works?
I’m worried if:

  1. I give too early and she goes over her date then the foal won’t have a good IGG.
  2. if she goes early and I give the vaccines too close and they haven’t kicked in enough.

What time frame would you give this mare her vaccines to be safe?

Thanks in advance for your informed opinions.

Probably a boring answer, but I’d do what my vet advised after hearing my concerns.


The problem is, I’ve asked 2 different vets and gotten 2 different answers.

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If you haven’t already, I’d ask why they recommend the timing. Might help you make a decision then.

The general advice I’ve followed has been 4-6 weeks prior to expected foaling. So I generally vaccinate around 300 days, assuming a roughly 320-360 day “average” gestation length. Talk to your vet to nail down the perfect time for your situation, but this is what has worked for me.


Following my vet’s advice, I vaccinated my mare assuming she would foal at 320 days (even though that didn’t look likely). Then of course she didn’t foal and didn’t foal, and eventually the vet recommended another round which we did. I can’t remember at how many days we did that, but it was after 350 (i.e., it had been 60+ days since her 9 month vaccination). The foal was finally born at 369 and had a great IgG.

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Ugh, that’s what I’m afraid of.