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Pre Purchase Trial Contract

Does anyone have a contract for a pre purchase trial on a horse? The seller just wants something that states I am responsible for any injury to or cause by the horse.

Thanks, Bopper

The two of you need to spell out the terms, and agree to it all in the contract. If horsey cuts his nostril on a double end sap, but you send him back because he has an old fracture in the ankle, you shouldn’t have to buy the horse.

I write my own docs, on a case by case basis.

Is there insurance on the horse? How long will you have it? There are parameters like standard of care, and inherent risk that need to be taken into account.

I would write up w/ the seller what the price is, what it will be doing while it’s on trial, who rides it, etc. etc. You only have to cover loss if it is due to gross negligence in most states. If you like the horse, I would vet it and buy it ASAP.

I had one at my barn for 20 days before all the “deal” was done. It was nervewracking. I wouldn’t let the guys turn in out. It bashed it’s cannon on the stall wall (and I have beautiful stall walls), and cut itself the second day it was here. (CRAP< HORSE!!!)… My long winded advice is to protect yourself too, and if you really like the horse don’t wait eons to own it.

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Yes I have one you can email me and I will send a copy that you can modify as needed. carrie@shawneeacres.net The only way I do trials however, is a a short term “lease/purchase” with a non-refundable “lease fee” that can be applied to purchase price. And I only do this if the client I am representing is OK with the horse going off on trial.

Thanks for the responses. I have never taken a horse on trial so it is making me nervous. I want to protect myself and make the seller comfortable with the deal. I am concerned about the horse getting hurt or hurting one of my horses. I hope to make a decision on him pretty quickly.

Any more comments are welcome.

Thanks, Bopper

While he is on trial, I would recommend that you absolutely DO NOT turn him out with unfamiliar herd mates. Can you handwalk, lunge, hack, small paddock with a kind neighbor turn out?


Insure the horse for loss of use, mortality and medical

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