Premier Equine blankets

I need to purchase a new heavy turnout blanket and have been considering one from Premier Equine. I like some of the features they offer like the high shoulder gusset with elastic and the snug fit neck cover. I have been emailing back and forth with their customer service regarding sizing and they have been very helpful.

My two concerns are the denier choices offered and the sizing.

The blanket I’m replacing is a Big D Devlyn that was 1200D ripstop nylon. One of horses pastured with mine ripped it up last winter. The Premier blanket suggested by customer service is the Buster line that is 840D ballistic nylon. Does anyone have experience with the 840D ballistic nylon? Is it fairly tough? I know that the higher the denier the better but I don’t know if there is a difference between ripstop and ballistic nylon.

Also, can anyone attest to the sizing? Customer service has been upfront that their blankets run large. I have measured using their guidelines and the rep is surprised at what I measured (77-78)… She has requested that I take a photo measuring my horse. He’s a 15.1 QH with big shoulders and a wide ribcage. He typically takes an 80 in most blankets but sometimes can fit into a 78. Their measurement guide based on height would put him in a 72. I’m worried that if I do go with their 76 or 78 that the drop will be too long since they consider that size to be appropriate for 16-17 hh horses.

Can anyone suggest another brand for large shoulders and ribcage if I choose not to go with Premier Equine? I picked up a 81 Rhino at a garage sale and it was very tight. I have used Schneiders v free shoulder relief blankets and I think they are tight on his withers. I bought a Schneiders Nordlund high neck and it works but it’s just OK in fit. Rambo is not in my budget… I have concerns about the cheaper blankets like Tough 1 being waterproof.

The boarding barn I use has a lot of positive things going for it but one big disadvantage is the barn owner does not do a hands on/eyes on each horse every day so I worry about rubs and blankets leaking as I can only get there on weekends.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Rambos are very roomy in the shoulder. Also very expensive…

Ya know, I never have found Rambo or Rhino rugs to be generous in the shoulder at all, nor have the ones I’ve had been adjustable at the chest at all so sizing has to be spot on.

I don’t know about the PE rugs, sorry. But I can highly recommend putting a Bossys Bib under any rug you’re concerned about rubbing with. Very much worth every penny for 24/7 turnout horses.


I found the Premier stuff to run quite large, my 75 in Rambo, 78 in everything else horses wore 72 in PE. The shoulder gusset was too low to be useful, and they all rubbed right under where it begins. There was some frustration with the straps, although I don’t quite recall what…? I did appreciate that they had both tail cords and leg straps. Pick your poison, I prefer the tail cord.

If Rambo is still making their QH line, that could be an excellent option for you.

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I have a Premier Equine blanket and it fits my Irish Draught mare quite well; she’s built a bit like a barrel on legs! I did order my horse’s usual size, and was pleasantly surprised by how long the drop was.

But I did choose the cut that was supposedly created for barrels on legs. (The model name was “Artemis” which they no longer make, but it was based on the Buster).

It might be that one of their other blankets would not have the same drop.

The blanket has been extremely durable. It’s very well made, so I’d have no hesitation in recommending it.

I found my PE blankets ran on the larger side. Not massively large, but definitely on the larger side. I really loved mine though. They went with a horse that got sold but I’d buy more if I were blanket shopping in the future!

Thanks for all the responses. I think searching for a blanket is like shopping for a special occasion dress and everything I like doesn’t fit quite right and I have to settle. :slight_smile:

I do have a Bossy Bib that I bought a couple of years ago. Unfortunately it didn’t fit (too tight) and I have it in my box for the consignment shop. I contacted that company prior to purchase too and went with their recommendations. They were very nice just like the Premier Equine staff but I don’t think they know QH sizing and I don’t know how to help them help me.

I guess I will see what PE has to say when I email them the photos of me measuring my horse and then decide if I dare chance it or if I go with a different brand.


Rambo rubbed the shoulders on my QH that is cutting bred.

They fit my narrow saddlebred really well.

I purchased the QH cut blankets from Smart Pak last year and they fit the QH beautifully.

I haven’t tried the PE blankets but following cause I love dressing the boys.

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I adore my PE blankets. I have some ballistic nylon Titan blankets, and a now-retired model that is ripstop polyester. Love the fit, they stay incredibly waterproof, horses are comfy, and my favorite feature is how many weights they offer. They’re spendy but still cheaper than Rambos, and IMO better quality. But I’ve never been a Rambo fan, so I may be biased!