Premier Equine Bletchley Dressage Saddle?

While looking for a suitable, won’t break the bank saddle to re-start a youngster I came across the PE Bletchley Dressage saddle. I paid $808 for the saddle, stirrups, leathers, bridle (he’s a cob size and I don’t have one), three extra plates, and shipping from the UK. I found several good reviews so thought I’d grab one while the exchange rate wasn’t too bad. I’ve found a few here in the states, but the price was worth it to buy new. Have any of you seen or ridden in one? Opinions?

I looked this up, I don’t ever click links from new posters :slight_smile:

Looks like a low end saddle with no options, comparable to a thoroughgood or wintec. Honestly I’d rather go with a high quality older used saddle. My Passier jump saddle was $500, then of course I got it reflocked for a couple hundred more. I’m just not interested in buying low end new.

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I have been looking for an oldie but goodie, but nothing is coming up that is worth the asking $$ UGH! Even the older wintecs I’m finding are absurd around here. I’m so leery after buying so many saddles that weren’t as advertised that I bit the bullet with this. Maybe its a mistake, maybe not…

I don’t know anything about the saddle, but have purchased saddle pads and horse boots from Premier. I’ve been happy with both for the price and their customer service and ship time were excellent.

Please let us know what you think of the saddle!

It looks like a nice alternative to Wintecs or other synthetic. Let us know how it is when you get it. I understand the difficulty of finding a saddle in your price range, even used saddles.

Received the saddle today and will give you all a review once I’ve put it on and sat in it. So far it looks decent. The synthetic leather is similar to the Wintecs. I also bought a bridle which I am pleasantly surprised with! The shipping was super fast, too!

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