Prestige A52 RP (donut) girth experiences?

This is a spinoff of the dressage girth thread.

Anyone with the prestige A52 Relax Performance (RP) girth (aka the donut/lifesaver/life raft/UFO girth) care to share their experiences? My mare needs to upgrade to a bigger girth so I’ve been exploring girthing options. She’s a bit of a princess about pressure and comfort so if other people’s horses like them I’d be interested in trying one. The local tack store sells them but I’m wary to shell out a lot of money for one without hearing people’s experiences.

Thank you!

I ride in the dressage Prestige donut/life raft/ufo girth and love it. The donut stays in place and the girth itself can move on top of it. The saddle stays very secure. Downsides: when the horse gets really sweaty, when you take off the girth, you have to empty out the life raft!

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