Prestige hunter classic OR Amerigo DJ??

Help!! I am going to be riding at a barn, multiple horses everyday. (H/J barn) I am in search of a saddle that will be comfortable and nice! I’m torn because I have found good deals on both of these saddles, but have never ridden in either brand.
My last two saddles were a county and a PJ a I loved both of those.
I need advice/opinions on these saddles!

I absolutely love my Prestige; I have had their Meredith model for nearly 10 years, and don’t ever plan to part with it. I have also had the Hunter Classic and liked that a lot as well. That said, I don’t feel the Prestige saddles fit all horses. With some horses, I’ve needed to use a different saddle. I also had a Amerigo Vega. Very nice saddle, but it didn’t offer a super versatile fit. Usually one of those two saddles would fit whichever horse I was riding. My friend who’s an experienced pro has a CWD with their pro panels and finds that to be a good universal fit. Hers is the shallower seat, which I prefer to my CWD, which is the deeper seat.