Prestige Optimax-K who likes theirs?

I am trialing one of these and I think I like it. I am an eventer who is switching one horse over to dressage and I have been doing my dressage in my jumping saddle which has been fine but since we are riding dressage more seriously, I need an actual saddle. It’s been 2-3 years since I actually used a dressage saddle so I am adjusting a bit but I think I like this one. Anyone have any issues? I am riding a 17 hand Holsteiner with a big shoulder

I just bought one, moving from a Custom Wolfgang Solo that was too long for my horse’s back. So far (it’s been about a month) I love it! Much better balance for both my horse (16.2h Dutch Harness Horse) and me. He can use his back to much better and since I am in better balance, I am able to actually HELP him when he falls out of balance (or spooks…). I was not able to get a fitter out while I still had it on trial, but I was confident enough to purchase it and now have an appointment for a fitter to come out and adjust it to fit my guy.

I also tried several Stubben models, Frank Baines and an older Cardanel. My next choice would have been the Stubbens but the Prestige has a narrower twist, so I’m more comfortable in the Prestige. After struggling with a saddle that was “fit” to my horse but didn’t really work for either of us… When I sat in the Prestige, my first thought was “Oh, I CAN ride!” lol


I do not have the Optimax, my sister does and loves it. I rode in it, and found it to feel very held in and close to the horse.

I have the Prestige Venus K, and loooove it, feel “in” with my horse and not on top. Being monoflap I feel super close all around. But I also looove Prestige saddles. My jump is also prestige.