Prestige Saddle: European Vs. American

I am considering purchasing a Prestige saddle through because prices are about $1000 less than buying a Prestige in the US.

I ride in a 17" Nona Garson Elite currently and need to go up a seat size. The combo of a 18" seat and 36 cm tree Nona Garson Elite has been stupid hard to find used, and I would save about $1k importing a new saddle (based on quotes)/pay about the same-$700 more than I would buying used. So I have a few questions:

Has anyone used this service?

Which European Prestige saddle models ride similarly to the Nona Garson?

I’ve used TheTackGuide site, and can only recommend them (=

Actually, I don’t think the Prestige models listed on website are only European models. I bought a Prestige from a US Rep last February and tried several of the models listed including Versailles, Passion and Meredith.

Personally, I found the Versailles to be a bit flatter through the seat. The Passion I sat in for a grand total of 30 seconds because my horse hated the fit. I ended up purchasing the Meredith because it was a deeper seat, which is what I was accustomed to, coming from an Albion Kontact.

I hope that helps a little bit!

Prestige is Prestige. All models are the same, in whatever country they are sold. Be aware, however, that retail warranties are often different from country to country. Make sure you know return policies, etc., especially for a large ticket item.

I had specifically emailed about the Nona and was told it was an American model only, which is a bummer since that was my first choice. I’m trying to find a comparable choice available in Europe, since the seat/tree combo I need is going to be tricky to find used, and I can’t afford to shell out $3400 for a new Nona.

I went to the horse’s mouth to ask if some saddles had different names in America and Europe: From La Selleria (Prestige distributor in US)… (bold is mine)

This is true for some models…. For example, the Sinead saddle is only available in the US. The X-Advances is the same saddle, but only available in Europe. Nothing is different with the saddle other than the name. They do not do this for all models. Just one or two. The Sinead is the only one that comes to mind right now

But I think I’m finally getting what you’re talking about. :encouragement:
You want a Nona, but have been told that model is not sold in Europe (under any name) - ?
Forgive my blonde moment. To make up for it, I’ll see if I can help you figure out which model sold in Europe comes closest.

prestige has great customer service. any time i have a question i ask them directly, through their US HQ- talked through email and on phone. i am also lucky to have a great prestige rep at my tack shop who is FANTASTIC and helps me with all my stuff. i like the nona and almost bought one, but i found a paris that fit me muccccchhh better

Yes! That’s it- they said they did not have the Nona as it was just an American model. They listed 4 other saddles that ride similar to the Nona (Versailles, Paris, Roma, and Arezzo); Arezzo is out simply because it’s way too flashy for my taste.
I just wanted to see if I could get the Nona or its European counterpart since that’s I currently have a Nona- just need a bigger seat size.

I can go sit in the other models, but I hate to be that person that sits in a bunch of saddles and then leaves the tack store without buying any (also worried they won’t have an 18" in stock, and it’s a 2 hour drive to the nearest dealer).

That being said, I would LOVE an X-Paris :yes:, but would have to sit in it first.

OK… got an answer, but you’re not going to like it. :cry:

There is no European model that matches the same type of seat and tree as the Nona.

According to Italy, the “Elastic Professional” and the “Green Star” are built on the same tree, but are “probably not going to feel the same to the rider.”

Of the saddles you listed above, IME the Versailles and the Paris come closest in feel for the rider to the Nona. The Roma (which I prefer over those three) has a slightly wider and deeper seat.) The Arezzo is my second favorite Prestige saddle after the Roma, and has a similar seat, but larger blocks. (The Arezzo is available with the fleur de lis detail done in leather to match the flap, instead of Italian colors.)

Hope this helps.