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Prestige Stallions-FL

I have been casually following the Prestige Stallions shut down. Haisfield, owner of Prestige, is 80 years old and suddenly closed the farm because he was retiring from the business. That being said, he left a lot of horses suddenly without homes, etc. Several of them, the own stallions in his barn. I am not sure if the care of the horses was also shut down but I do know that area horseman local to Prestige took to social media pleading for help and to find horses homes that needed it. I saw the social media posts and it seemed kind of desperate?

Suntracer was one of them. Who was bought by his consignor who sold him through the 2015 sales as a stallion prospect. They quickly sent a trailer and had him brought to Kentucky. (See Bloodhorse for article on Suntracer)

That leaves many other horses besides Suntracer who were left without homes. I am not sure what broodmares/yearlings/etc were on the farm and where they landed but this seems like it was a complete mess.

However there is a handful of stallions that I have been unable to trace where they landed.

Suns Out Guns Out- Went to Oakton Farms from 2019 but isn’t listed anywhere for 2020

Shades of Night- Last listed at Prestige in 2019. His current whereabouts is not known

Black Onyx- Last listed at Oakton for 2019 from Prestige

Telling- Send to a “Private Farm in TN” after Prestige closed.

Kibbutsnik- Reportedly died of colic at Prestige in 2019.

Doneraile Court- went to Old Friends.
Lord of Greatness- went to WVA
Uncle Vinny- Went to PA
Greatness- Went to Solara Farm in FL

Anyone have any info on these guys?

it looks like Oakton potentially leased a bunch of these stallions before Prestige shut down. Reason I say that is Suntracer, Uncle Vinny, Greatness, etc were all at Oakton last year/year before and then Prestige shut down at which point it looks like many of these gentlemen went to other farms while some of them disappeared. Suns Out Guns Out and Black Onyx never reappeared after the Oakton/Prestige relationship ended.

Someone on the Pedigree Query message board was inquiring about the farm in regards to Suns out guns out - looks like they got quite the run-around…


They were told he had been gelded.

This is round three for Haisfield, formerly of Stonewall Farm in Kentucky. This is what happened the previous time he bowed out: https://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/141328/haisfield-businesses-file-for-bankruptcy

makes me very sad. I wonder where some of these guys ended up. I don’t think it was a good place. They also stated that the grey “Died of Colic in 2019”.

If he was gelded, I hope he went on to someone nice .

Cheer up Snaffle. Just because you don’t know where the horses are doesn’t mean they have “disappeared”. :slight_smile:

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history here speaks for itself. and the fact that they gave people the run around when inquiring doesn’t sit well. Again; I hope they went to a good person.

I am looking for any information on shades of night past or current.i currently own him as a 9 yr old