Pretty litter

Has anyone used this?

The neighbors cat who lives with us has had utis in the past, but tends to use the great outdoors as her catbox so she’s hard to monitor.

She’s 10, and insists on going outside so I especially worry about her being in tip top health

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I use it in one of the boxes, and it works really well and really does last as long as advertised. The only downside is it is not that low tracking, but that’s what the litter mat and Roomba is for

I tried it, didn’t like it at all. It stank to high heaven. Dumped it pretty quick.

I use world’s best and then switched to pretty litter and one of the similar types from Dr Elsey ( or something like that) in half the boxes. I didn’t notice any extra stink from either pretty litter or the DE brand unless someone dropped a stink bomb and didn’t bury it, but no litter fixes that problem. They do prefer the pretty litter to the other two brands though, so it gets heavy use. No smell until it is ready to be replaced then you better have a new bag ready.

Hands down best litter for odor control is tidy cat breeze. I have 4 cats, 2 Maine coons although one of still a kitten, and I really can go 7 days before I change the pad. It’s not cheap but when your cats are too large for any of the auto litter boxes, it’s nice to have a zero track, no odor litter box if you are stuck with one in a high people zone

She regularly pees at the back of the box (and the wall :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) so I’m wondering if I can just use some pretty litter there, to see when/if she’s got a UTI.

I think she holds it, waiting to go outside.
Some days she races out of the house, and sometimes she races to the box and pees a river.
She probably uses the indoor box once every couple months during the summer.

I wonder if holding it is related to territorial anxiety?

The tidy breeze jumbo box would be very hard to pee over the edge, even for my MCs. But I have 2 other boxes that are each in a corner and I put two tespo panels behind them standing up on the short side (zip tied) so they are tall enough to save the walls and relatively innocuous. The panels are the clear panels I use for foster kitten containment, tespo was the brand I bought, but there are a zillion versions on Amazon.

ETA I don’t think you could mix the pretty litter with anything else, it’s so light I think it will just get mixed up in a day or two

Maybe? I’m not sure I know what you mean though.

She’s the only cat here, and came here cause she prefers the dogs company to the company of cats, which my neighbor has three of. Well, that and because they were giving her flea baths and her skin was dry and irritated.
She runs when she sees the neighbors*, and comes when we whistle for her.
*Which we feel terrible about.
She gets Revolution applied and has had zero issues with it and :no_entry_sign: fleas or ticks.

Definitely appreciate the ideas and thoughts.
We love this cat.



Cute! Territorial anxiety would make sense if you had a cat. Cats are territorial even though they can live very happily with other cats. But if they feel insecure or bullied around the litterbox that can lead to all sorts of undesirable behaviors. It’s generally not an issue with dogs, but maybe if one of the dogs is lurking around the litter box whenever she goes to it, she may just put it off as long as possible.

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Nope, she’s got that whole room to herself.
And dog can’t go in the hall leading to that room.

I find it hilarious that she’ll be heading home from neighbors field when I call her, stop, cop a squat, bury it and then race to me.
She’s ten.
I just really worry about making sure she doesn’t have anything preventable that leaves her at risk of the predators in our area.
I try to keep her in, and she’s definitely in more than she used to be…
But when those coyotes start howling…

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Does she howl in pain while peeing when she gets a UTI? Mine does, so it’s easy to tell. Then I just call the vet for antibiotics.

She’s only had one, and I caught it cause she was in the box, straining and only producing drops.

But that was only cause she actually used the box while I was watching. I worry she could have one, but because she goes outside and uses the box infrequently and when I’m not there to watch, I would have no idea.
Hence wondering about pretty litter, so if she only pees a little when I’m not there to see her, it might clue me in early.

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I tried Pretty Litter for about 6 months and I hated it. One of the claims was that it absorbed odor, but the litter still smelled, even with the recommended daily stirring. It also became discoloured quickly, and even though one bag was supposed to last a month, I was having to dump it before that. The website also wasn’t very user friendly, and it took me contacting a representative to cancel my subscription. I’m now back to using Tidy Cat litter.

I’m a big fan of Tidy Cat, too. I have 3 cats and it’s the only litter I’ve tried that doesn’t end up smelling after a couple of days. It’s worth the extra cost!

I really wanted it more to help detect uti’s.
She very infrequently uses the litter box, but when she does I’m concerned it’s because she has an infection from holding it hoping she’ll be let out.

Maybe she would prefer dirt for litter, or grass seeds. My semi ferals seem to like more natural products. it won’t help with diagnoses, but may help keep her from holding it so long.

That’s a thought