Preventing back pain and lameness with smart textile?

Hello all,

Since back pain and lameness is a concern and there have been previous posts regarding this issue thought I’d share this.

For some time I have been following the startup scene here in Finland, and a while back there was company from Latvia in a Finnish startup program that had invented some smart textile clothing to improve fitness and health.

But now they have made a saddle pad for horses from the same material and claim it can track pressure data and thus prevent back pain and lameness:

What are your thoughts on something like this?

Smart saddle? Sounds very futuristic, ha.

But curious to know how these things work. Poorly fitted saddle can trigger many back problems (and not just to the horse, but to the rider itself) indeed.

Hmmm - new poster from Finland where a new product is coming out?

Sure, this technology is not new, and not the first application for saddle fitting and rider balance. The key is always knowing what to do with the information.

Prevent back pain and lameness? Given that there are more causes of back pain and lameness than just saddle fit and rider competency, no, that is not possible.

It is just another tool to help diagnose what might be going on and hopefully prevent some issues, directly related to saddle fit or rider-induced uneven pressure points, from arising.

My concern is that some people will get so caught up in data points that they ignore the rider or the horse himself.

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I like the theory, but I actually dont think the data would be all that useful.
A - my horses sports massage can already tell I have an injury, based on what my horse reflects. It would be super if there was something I could do about that, but I cant. Its a permanent injury for me and I do the best I can.
My horse also has a permanent issue from a scar that we just need to keep loose and it causes no issues. So my point is, none of us are perfect, showing us how we arent - likely doesnt help fix that.

B - just because a horse is showing as tracking crooked, or a rider is, how can the pad determine which is the chicken or the egg, and how can one determine the long term consequences of such? It cant. Or even diagnose the reasons for it being so.
Diagnostic aids help identify the injury, what this pad is proposing is diagnosing a possible maybe injury somewhere, and who knows where.
A crooked horse may be a sign oof navicular, suspensory, muscle weakness, kissing spines, SI, or lack of conditioning and bad training. It might be a crooked rider. If the pad tells me my horse is crooked, I only need to ride a straight line to know that myself!

So im either missing something, or it seems like its just data collection for the sake of it.

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Actually the product is made and coming out in Latvia.

Anyhow, a new member because the company will have a crowdfunding phase, and I was interested in supporting the idea, so I wanted to get some feedback if others would find it interesting.

My apologies, you did say Lavtian company. Finnish startup program.

Interesting? Yes. How useful, and how damaging, remains to be seen. It’s just data. It doesn’t tell a cause or a fix, and potential causes are plentiful.


Got a PM from another user trying to promote same deal.

There’s something very similar on the market already.

Useful for a saddle fitter. Not sure it’s of much use to an individual owner.

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