Price for 14x10 run-in shelter?

Long story short, we had some extremely high winds in our area earlier this week. We had our 14x10 run-in shelter flip over (we were lucky— no horses hurt and there were several in our area whose barns collapsed!).

Well, our neighbors offered to buy the shelter from us for horses they’re moving to their property this summer. Since we already have a larger run-in shelter that our two horses have access to from every pasture and they rarely use this one, we are considering it. It suffered a tiny bit of damage in the storm— as you can see in this photo there is a little rip in the roof (cosmetic only). The neighbors would also move it off the property themselves.

My question is, what would you charge them? The shelter was already here when we bought the property so I don’t have a lot of knowledge on what they cost to begin with, let alone in this super specific scenario!

Any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you all! :slight_smile:

I think this is kind of an area specific question. Can you call any local shelter builders to find out what shelters are running in your area?

what does you insurance adjuster thinks it worth? Our barns are covered under our homeowners policy,

Just kind of eye balling the materials it appears materials alone would be in the $2,000 range, then some assembly required

If you just want to get it gone… $800 to $1200 cash?

I sold my 12x24 that needed disassembly to move for $700 last spring. I’d expect it to be about that since it’s a bit smaller.

I wouldn’t price it at ‘material cost’ because it’s been used and isn’t brand new.

In our area (outside Boston, MA) that shed would be worth around $2000.

Sadness! Was it anchored down and still flipped?

I would say $1500 with the damage if I were advertising it locally.

Count the boards and sheets of metal and look on Home Depot and add it up… I bet you couldn’t build it for that.

Personally, I would pick a lower number of those listed above simply because it’s a neighbor.

Also, now that you have decided to sell it, you may find yourself in that mindset that you want it gone. This is an easy, convenient, no-fuss, no- advertising and no having-strangers-come-shopping way to dispose of it.


Here, for a nice neighbor, you would give it to them and help them move it. :innocent:

If it was standing there and not damaged, or for someone else than a nice neighbor, maybe price it at half price such are sold locally in Home Depot and Lowes.

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well, the neighbors Here would expect you cut an access gate into the adjoining fence line so their horses would get to their new shelter after you had tipped it back over and secured it to the ground for them.

Some times doing a favor for friend opens an endless stream of expectations… in the early 1980s I was doing a field test of a new product for a manufacturer… a digital keypad for a garage door… I GAVE one to a friend, Installed it on his garage door for nothing… then twenty five years later I get a call from him about “that” key pad not working, could I check it? Well, no.

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Well I would imagine if you are talking 10" x 14 " that would be substantially cheaper
than 10’ by 14’