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Price for a 6-month old [saddle]?

I’m looking to sell my [saddle] which was made in February. It is in immaculate condition and still looks brand new except for the usual marks on the billets. [edit] However it also has a name plate on the back of the seat.


[How close to the original price] do you think I could sell the saddle for/how much should I offer?

Many thanks for your anticipated help!

We edited out the specifics about the saddle in question to comply with our posting policies and keep the query general about anticipated depreciation in a saddle with 6 months of light use.

Please avoid introducing further specifics which could made the thread a de facto ad in itself.

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Try looking on the internet for used saddles of the same brand and compare prices. I have sold a brand new saddle that was a gift but didn’t fit, since I opted to sell on consignment I went with their suggested price which was a couple of hundred below new price. It depends on the brand and size etc as to how marketable it is but if its custom and a top brand you should be able to sell it close to new price I would think.

In general, saddles are like cars, they lose 10% to 20% of their value when you take them out the door. But there are so many different variations in saddle brand, style, and size - if it is something popular and in the right size (generally 17.5 medium to medium wide), it will be easier to sell then something less popular.

There are some saddles that are pretty heavily discounted if you search hard enough - get on eBay and you’ll see some saddles that are listed brand new, all tags, for well below “retail”.

At 6 months old, your saddle is used. Great condition, yes, but used.

I’d not pay anywhere near the ‘new’ price for a ‘used’ saddle. As said above it has lost significant value just being on the horse. The other problem from a buyer stand point is that I could buy new and get a warranty.

For example: If you buy a new Schleese you receive a tree warranty from them. If you purchase the saddle used from a private party there is no tree warranty. Also you would have to pay to have the saddle possibly altered to fit your horse. So a deeply discounted Schleese would work but not a nearly new one purchased used.

I’d say if I were looking, I would want 25% off, at least. Any less and I would just buy new from a reputable company that would back it if there were problems.

If you’d care to PM me with the specs on the saddle, I’d be happy to give you an idea of how to price it.

I recently sold a year old, but lightly used, dressage saddle for $2200, when I only paid $2400 new (got a really good deal). I think the buyer appreciated not having to break the saddle in :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly if I could have bought a demo saddle when I was shopping, the maker would have charged about 20% less than new.
Now granted some of the demos have more miles than others, but I think they get rotated pretty often.

When I sold my saddle a couple years ago, similar ones were listed close to $3k. I listed at $2800 and took $2500. But I wanted it gone as the $ hellped cover the new one…

Here’s my thought: it depends on how fast you want to sell it. Look on Tack Trader and Dressage Star for comps; They are also good places to list. IMO, don’t get greedy unless it is a highly in demand saddle and not many on the market.
Also remember that if it goes on consignment you will have to pay them a cut.

Thanks everyone for the replies!! I really appreciate it! :slight_smile: