Price for Prestige Dressage Saddle?

Hey everyone! So, I’m selling my prestige dressage saddle, as it no longer fits my horse, and I’m trying to figure out what to ask for it. I got it from a friend, and she got it from someone else, so I don’t really know much about it except what I learned from the Serial number: It’s a 17" seat, 37 (cm?) tree, and was made in May 2004.

It’s still in really great condition - there are normal signs of wear and a few minor scratches. One of the billets was chewed when it was with the previous owner, so the bottom of it doesn’t look great, but is still totally functional. It’s really a great saddle, but because of its age and because of the billet being chewed on, I really don’t know what to ask for it.

Here’s a link to pics of it:

Any input or suggestions would be great!!
~ Teslin

Anyone? Or at least comments on what you would pay for it (I really need to post it online ASAP)?

It’s very old, damaged and a very wide (XXW) tree, which really limits your potential buyers. But if the panels still have “give” and the leather is still supple, I’d suggest listing for $750-800.

The leather is very supple - it has been extremely well maintained (except for however the billet got damaged when it was with the previous owner). The person who gave it to me said I should only ask $400-500 for it, but I thought that was underselling it slightly.

I think I’ll list it for $750 and see what happens, then knock down the price if I need to.

A 2004 saddle is “very old”??

I have been looking for an xw Prestige dressage saddle for sale…do you still have yours?

2004 isn’t “very old,” though I didn’t realize Prestige made that particular model (Appaloosa) that late. For what it’s worth, I purchased mine in summer 2005 for $600 on ebay. It’s been a great saddle and apart from rubs on the flap is holding up nicely.

I sold mine (early 2000’s model) for $900. It was a Prestige 2000d in very good condition. I sold it outright to - she was great to work with, gives you a quote, you ship her the saddle and she sends you a check. I was a little leery of sending the saddle without getting the check first, but a friend had a good experience so I took the risk and it worked out perfectly.

A 2004 saddle is “very old”??[/QUOTE]

We live in a disposable society :no:

a well made saddle, well cared for, should last a very long time.

OP start at 700, take 500

That saddle is much older I think. The tree was last adjusted in 2004. I think that’s how prestige works

The OP’s post is pretty old. From March. Hopefully she has already sold the saddle :slight_smile:

Also, how is this not advertising? I asked about selling a saddle once, and only mentioned the brand and I think width, and my post got the bejeezus edited out of it.

Thanks everyone for your input. I still haven’t sold the saddle yet as a matter of fact, but it’s on consignment somewhere.

Pembroke- I guess this isn’t advertising because I was asking for suggestions for asking price, not if anyone was interested…